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29 Dynamic Children's Books About Soccer


Curious George Plays Soccer

The perfect book for budding soccer players ready to take the field for the first time! George cannot wait to play soccer, but it seems he doesn't quite understand the rules. After a mishap or two during his first game, our favorite monkey signs up for camp so he learns how to play in time for the next match.


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Books for Kids Who Love Soccer

Long before you can bond with your child watching or playing an actual game, you can snuggle up with some action-packed books about this fun sport. Soccer is a one of the most popular sports that children play at a very young age. The fast-paced game with lots of running, kicking, blocking, and falling are all part of the fun from the time kids are toddlers. Reading children's soccer books is a fun way to prepare your little tykes for their foray into what might be their very first team sport! And when they ready to try other sports, be sure to add some baseball stories to the list.

A real draw is that children can start playing from about the time they are three years old. When young children take the field for the first time, they begin their journey of learning so many valuable lessons. Physically, they are working on dexterity and coordination. Mentally, they are working on sportsmanship, assertiveness, ambition, compassion, and so many other qualities. Reading is great way to prepare your child for everything they can expect to see in a game. For kids who love all kinds of competition, read some basketball picture books for more fast-paced story time fun.   


Spot Plays Soccer

A fun, simple story for toddlers featuring their favorite puppy. Spot is the captain of his team. Will he be able to lead them to a win? Kids will enjoy the bright illustrations as they follow the game in this sturdy board book. 




 My First Book of Soccer

Arguably one of the best introductory books for toddlers! Filled with photographs of real soccer gear, fields, and players, kids will feel like they are part of the game. Little rookie characters appear on each page to teach us all the important soccer terms, like goal, yellow card, offside, and more!



Let's Play Soccer! A Lift-a-Flap Board Book

Babies will love this interactive, lift-the-flap  book. The chunky format is perfect for little hands ready to explore all the fun things about soccer. They will practice counting all the soccer players on the field and learn basic terms. The animal players demonstrate good sportsmanship after a competitive game. Lots of lessons packed in this fun story. 




 Goodnight Soccer

Tired sports fans will love being lulled to sleep with this bedtime story. Rhyming text carries little readers off to the very first kickoff to the final goal of a soccer game. Pages are filled with cheering fans, energetic players, and all the excitement of the game. Pair this book with a plush ball to make a great baby gift.



 little soccer

An adorable sports book perfect for babies. Each pages features a bold illustration of a soccer image along with a cute riddle about the game. Pair this chunky book with a plush ball to make the perfect baby shower gift for parents who played soccer.



 My First Soccer Book

An eye-catching tactile cover will draw your toddler to this book every time. Each page features a bold illustration of a soccer image paired with a simple soccer term. Preschoolers will enjoy the photos of diverse children playing as well.



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 World Cup Women: Megan, Alex, and the Team USA Soccer Champs 

A celebration of the 23 women who made history by winning the Women's World Cup in 2019. Readers are given a glimpse at the years of hard work that each of these players invested well before they became household names. Charming illustrations perfectly capture the personalities of each of the athletes. A fantastic soccer picture book that emphasizes the devotion and determination necessary to achieve the highest level of success on the field.

 The Everything Kids' Soccer Book

Players will devour this book that is chock full of everything you'll ever need to know about soccer. While most learning takes place on the field, don't miss the opportunity to teach your child techniques through reading! Games and puzzles provide an additional interactive element that will keep them entertained for hours.



The Berenstain Bears Get Their Kicks 

Join Brother and Sister as they learn all the ins and outs! Mama Bear has signed up to be on the socer team mom but Papa Bear, who is more of a baseball fan, isn't so sure about this new sport. Like other Berenstain Bear books, this story covers all the important lessons like practice and teamwork. A bonus page of stickers adds to the fun.



pinkalicious soccer star

Pinkalicious fans will love this early reader book about a feisty girl who takes the field in a pink uniform. The opposing team makes fun of her and her pink soccer ball. Readers will enjoy this charming book about a girl who takes a magical journey with her unicorn mid-game and then returns to kick the winning goal.



 The Floating Field: How a Group of Thai Boys Built Their Own Soccer Field 

Nothing will stand in the way of these boys determined to play soccer against all odds. An inspiring true story that took place in a Thai village that was built on stilts. After watching the World Cup on TV, a group of kids decided that they wanted to take up the sport. The only problem is that there was no open space to play, except for twice a month when the tide was low. Kids will love this story of ingenuity and determination that went into building a floating field.



Soccerverse: Poems about Soccer  

A clever kids' soccer book gift for sports fans! A creative collection of poems describe all aspects of the game. Winning, losing, forming friendship, showing good sportsmanship and many more life lessons are embedded in each little poem. Bold artwork complements all the important messages learned in the game. 


 Betty Bunny Wants a Goal

One of the most difficult lessons a child learns when playing a sport is failure. Betty Bunny is enthusiastic and overly optimistic about scoring a lot of goals in her first game. But despite her ambitious attitude, Betty doesn't get the ball past the goalie even one time.  In a huff, she throws away her uniform and declares she has quit. With the encouragement of her parents, Betty Bunny returns to the field and learns a valuable lesson about hard work.



  National Geographic Kids Everything Soccer 

The ultimate  soccer reference book packed with illustrations, facts, techniques, and anecdotes all about this super sport. Kids will love flipping through the pages and reading all the excerpts. An interactive, comprehensive glossary is sure to impress even the most well-versed experts.



 Soccer Game!

A very basic Level 1 book for players who are just learning how to read. Simple sentences about a game are paired with fun pictures of kids engaging in an action-packed match. 



 Pele, King of Soccer

A fantastic bilingual soccer book about a legendary player.  Children will learn about a poor Brazilian boy who developed a passion for soccer at a very young age.  He went on to become known as the King of Soccer when he scored 1000 goals in his career, more than anyone else in the history of the game. This nonfictional account of a true soccer star is enhanced with amazing artwork throughout.



The Grazers and the Biters take the field in a ferocious game of soccer. Kids have never seen the game played like this before! A fast-paced match that is packed with slick passes, unbelievable saves, and a few red cards along the way. Wildly captivating illustrations will draw readers in and make them feel like they are part of the action.



 Froggy Plays Soccer 

Another hilarious Froggy book as our favorite hopper takes his skills to the field. The only problem is that Froggy is a bit more interested in picking flowers and doing cartwheels than kicking a ball. During a big match, Froggy does his best to remember one very important rule- no hands! Can he do it? Kids will be giggling from start to finish and may find they relate to Froggy more than they think.



 Winners Never Quit!

Mia Hamm penned this cute picture book based on her personal experience as a world-champion soccer player. This picture book tackles the emotional side of the game, especially when things aren't going your way. The importance of perseverance and sportsmanship are addressed in this motivating story.


 Maisy Plays Soccer

A fun-spirited book for little kids getting ready for their first game. Join Maisy as she puts on her uniform and heads over to the field. The game amongst best friends is full of laughter, fun, and  friendly competition. Perfect read to get preschoolers excited about playing! 



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Soccer Novels for Tweens

Here is a collection of amazing titles, including fictional novels and non-fiction stories about players and their life experiences on and off the field. Whether or not your reader is a soccer fan, these books for advanced readers are award-winning, entertaining, page-turners from start to finish. 


 Lola Levine Is Not Mean!

Lola Levine is a chapter book series about a spunky girl who often finds herself in a predicament. In this installment, she takes her fierce soccer skills to the playground and developes a reputation as a meanie. With the help of her family and best friend, she is determined to fix her image and show her classmates once and for all that she's a nice person.



 Eeek! The runaway alien

A unique, humorous book about soccer that will pique your child's imagination! A little boy is surprised one day by the appearance of an alien. This soccer-loving creature escaped from outer space to watch the World Cup Final with Charlie. This strange friendship grabs the attention of a classmate who crafts plans of his own for this mysterious green creature. A fresh, funny, and easy illustrated chapter book for fans.



 Soccer on Sunday

Join Jack and Annie as they travel back in time to attend the 1970 World Cup. Their mission this time is meet the one and only Pelé, the greatest soccer player of all time. But how in the world will they find him in a crowd of over 10,000 fans? They must accomplish their mission so they can learn the secret to greatness. A fantastic installment in this popular series that blends historical fiction and nonfiction.



 Chase Your Dreams: How Soccer Taught Me Strength, Perseverance, and Leadership

Julie Ertz gives a first-hand account of what it takes to make the national team and win the World Cup. Each chapter in this inspiring story covers a character trait she believes is required to succeed on the field and in life.  A faith-based book with positive messaging will surely inspire your players to step up their games.

Soccer Shootout

A short, illustrated chapter book about a player who must make some adjustments when he is forced to play a new position. Berk has always played goalie, but he is replaced Ryan, a new with a lot of talent. Can the team come together and keep up their winning streak? An entertaining book that sports fans will finish in one sitting.


 She Shoots, She Scores!: A Celebration of Women's Soccer 

Women soccer players from around the world are featured in this inspiring read. Stories about overcoming prejudice to form highly skilled teams that worked hard to win respect. Young independent readers will love learning all about the Women's World Cup and Olympic teams as well as the influential athletes who elevated the sport for female players.


 All Thirteen: The Incredible Cave Rescue of the Thai Boys' Soccer Team 

A true story of the incredible rescue of a Thai soccer team that got trapped in a cave due to rising flood waters. Over a seventeen day period, the nation watched with bated breath as rescue teams from around the world attempted to rescue the boys and their coach. An award-winning novel, filled with photographs, documents the extraordinary rescue of an ordinary team of soccer players who demonstrated exceptional strength, determination and survival skills.



 Soccer Hero

When a boy saves the life of his coach, he immediately becomes the town hero. Rob was never a standout on the soccer field and is uncomfortable being in the spotlight. He certainly doesn't feel like a hero when he simply did what anyone in his position would have done. A fast, entertaining read that will encourage readers to think about what it means to do the right thing.


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Kids' Soccer Stories Teach Valuable Lessons

Competition on the field may be the prevailing theme in all of these books, but the lessons and values woven throughout the stories are the real takeaway. Kids will enjoy reading about all of the experiences that build character. Learning how to win with humility and lose with grace. Forming friendships that withstand the highs and lows of competition. Understanding the value of hard work and witnessing it pay off. Many of these same lessons carry over into other sports books, so be sure to add the best kids' football stories to a child's pile as well. This competitive sports teaches lessons kids can carry off the field and apply to other life experiences. Learning how to be a team player is a big one. A game cannot be won without the entire team working together. Every player has a job to do that completely depends on teammates doing their part. Once a team has mastered this concept, there is no stopping them. These soccer books for kids highlight the importance of coming together with one single purpose- to score the winning goal.


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