18 Sweet Tween Books for Valentine's Day

valentine's day secret 

Nancy's best friend, Bess, received a not-so-loving Valentine's Day card that has her completely rattled. Follow Nancy and her crew as they piece together clues to identify the sender. A fun, action-packed Valentine's Day book for tweens full of drama and mystery.

valentine's day candy

Romantic Tween Valentine's Day Novels

Your tween may not be quite ready for real romance. But secret crushes, well, that's another story. Sometimes it's just admiring a cute kid from across a room. Maybe it's experiencing butterflies when seeing that special someone. Perhaps it's just a few words that are exchanged and replayed in a young tween's head over and over again. This holiday is an opportunity, and invitation, really, for these kids to reveal their true feelings- if they can muster the courage! These tween books about Valentine's Day may just help nudge them along. Grab some stories for younger kids about this loving day as well!


junie b jones and the mushy gushy valentimee


Junie B. Jones is determined to figure out the identity of her secret admirer. She received a gigantic Valentine's Day card but no one signed it! Whoever sent this to her must really have a crush because it is the mushiest, gushiest card she has ever received. A beginning chapter book for the 8+ group who will enjoy Junie B's antics and big personality.



 candy fairies a valentine surprise

For young tween readers still enamored with fairies and unicorns, Candy Fairies will be a sure hit. This Valentine's Day special edition is an easy reader book has short chapters and whimsical illustrations to complement the story. Pair this sweet chapter book with a Valentine's Day treat (like a lollipop!) to give to your tween this February 14th.



 the candy smash

The Lemonade War is a best-selling series amongst tween readers. A group of fourth grade classmates navigate the trials and tribulations of friendship, competition and secret crushes. While some kids believe privacy should be guarded, the class reports has other plans and embarks on a mission to uncover the truth behind some candy hearts mysteriously left on a desk. Fast-paced reading even the most reluctant tween reader will devour this holiday.



 sweet treats and secret crushes 

A sweet book about love for tween girls! Three best friends unite to deliver cheer to all of their lonely neighbors. They all navigate the challenges of teenage friendships and secret crushes. A fast-paced, fun, easy read against the backdrop of New York City. 



 valentine princess

A light, easy read for tweens who are fans of the Princess Diary series. This is novella, the fourth in the series, features the first Valentine's Day Mia and Michael celebrate as a couple. All of these books are written in the form of diary entries, welcoming readers into the innermost thoughts of the princesses. An uplifting, popular series for tween readers who want to get lost in a fantasy life of tiaras and romance  for awhile.


 fancy clancy secret admirer

Fancy Nancy has grown up in a series of easy-reader chapter books. In this holiday edition, Nancy and her best friend, Bree, take it upon themselves to play matchmaker. When their efforts come up short, they begin to wonder if love can really conquer all. A wonderful book for girls who loved reading about Nancy's antics in picture books and are ready for the next reading level.



 candy apple totally crushed 

A red vs. pink carnation causes all kinds of upheaval. Annabel finds herself in a dilemma when she receives a red (= love) carnation from her guy friend, Sam. Not only does she not share the same romantic feelings for him, but her best friend Phoebe does! How can Annabel get herself out of this mess? Lots of girls will relate to the carnation drama.



geronimo stilton valentine's day disaster 

A highly recommended book for the 8-10+ independent reading group. Geronimo has been busy delivering a huge pile of cards to all of his friends. He returns home, excitedly opens his mailbox, but finds it empty. This is the worst Valentine's Day ever! Lots of laughs and fast-paced adventure in this fun non-romantic Valentine's Day book.



 katie kazoo switcheroo love stinks

Meet Katie Kazoo, a feisty fourth grader who wants absolutely nothing to do with all the lovey-dovey, mushy-gushy nonsense. But despite her efforts to avoid the holiday, a big switcheroo occurs, and she finds herself in charge of making the custom candy hearts at the local candy store. Now Katie has an chance to manipulate all the sickeningly sweet  notes. Will she ruin the day for everyone else? Little readers will get a kick out of Katie's antics.



 four stupid cupids

Love is in the air and four little cupids are determined to play matchmaker. In a small town where everyone knows everyone, they create chaos with their bows and arrows. A funny book for tween readers who will enjoy the silly shenanigans of kids meddling in love.



 oh valentine we've lost our minds

So many of the holiday books appeal to girls, but here is a good one that boys will enjoy, too! Dan Gutman is a master of humor that appeals to the beginning reader crowd, and his My Weird School series is especially popular! A new foreign exchange student has joined the school and he's competing for the attention of a female classmate. A thumb-war between the two boys fighting for Andrea's heart creates lots of weird, crazy fun! Lots of puzzles and games fill the pages at the end of this funny book.



 cam jansen the valentine baby mystery

For readers ready to delve into chapter books, Cam Jansen is a great series. Cam is a super-sleuth of sorts and she tackles a new mystery in every book. On February 14th, she spends the afternoon in the hospital as her mother waiting for her mother to give birth to her new baby sibling. When something valuable goes missing, Cam is determined to get to the bottom of it before the baby arrives.  Lots of fun and excitement following Cam as she follows the clues to finally solve the case.




 cake pop crush

Ok, so this tween romance book is not exactly about Valentine's Day, but we think it's a fun holiday read anyway! It's about a girl and boy who work in competing bakeries across the street from each other. Emotions are heated when these two tweens, who may just have secret crushes on each other, engage in a cake pop bakeoff to save the reputations of their respective bakeries. Age appropriate reading material for the 11+ reading group who will enjoy the trials and tribulations of young love.



juliet the valentine fairy

Juliet loves making Valentine's Day a magical time for her friends. But Jack Frost messes with her plans by stealing the secret objects that she needs to deliver her loving touch. Juliet desperately needs the help of her fairy friends to recover these objects, but for some reason they don't seem to be able to assist. Julie solve this problem before the holiday is ruined!



addie and the king of hearts

A sweet, coming-of-age novel about a thirteen year old girl who experiences her first crush. The year is 1949 and Addie is fiercely independent with big plans to move to New York City. She wants to leave her small Nebraska town and make a life for herself as an artist.  With Valentine's Day around the corner, all the people around her are getting mushy and exchanging gifts. Addie doesn't pay attention to any of this nonsense until a new, very handsome teacher shows up at school. Addie has butterflies in her stomach and suddenly cares about her appearance. And maybe she finally understands what all the  hype is about.



 rachel's valentine crush 

Rachel and Brody have sung together in their church choir for years. And during all this time, Rachel had a secret crush on this handsome, talented singer. So when Brody's career takes off and he becomes an overnight pop sensation, Rachel is left behind wondering if she will ever have a chance to share her feelings with him. When Brody releases a new song, the lyrics sound like they were written for Rachel. Maybe, just maybe, this secret crush was mutual.

valentine's duh

A fun middle-grade novel about chaos that fills hallways of Cherry Avenue Middle School. There are lots of intersecting storylines at play in this fast-paced read. At the center, a Austin and Sophie aim to win a Cutest Couple contest, but some others are out to ruin their chances. To make matters even more complicated, Austin is tapped to be the school's love doctor and matchmaker. Lots of romances are waiting to bloom if only the stars would align on this holiday of love.


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valentine's day candy


 Tween Chapter Books Centered Around New Love

Valentine's Day for tiny toddlers through older generations is the most loving holiday of the year. No matter your stage or situation in life, a day filled with roses, chocolates, and teddy bears hugging plush little hearts is one that can and should be embraced.  The holiday has an interesting history from the creation of conversation hearts to the exchange of sweet cards. Tween books about Valentine's Day are great gifts for bookworms who may just enjoy a little lighthearted reading about secret crushes, budding romances, and the emotional angst of young teens experiencing love for the first time.  


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