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20 Darling Valentine's Day Books For Toddlers

happy valentine's day mouse

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!

Our loving mouse is back with a bunch of Valentine's Day cards to share with his best friends. With each one, he includes a heartwarming note about something specific he loves about each friend. This darling book epitomizes a holiday full of bubbly, feel-good emotions. 

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Board Books Perfect For Baby's First Valentine's Day

Showering a baby with tons of sweet books on February 14th sounds like just about the best way to spend this holiday.  We could go on and on about all the educational benefits of reading to a baby...the list is long! But at the most basic level, you are fulfilling an emotional need by snuggling up with your little one and a book. The sense of security, safety, and love you impart on a toddler by taking the time to read will stay with that child for life. For older siblings, funny Valentine's Day picture books share all the same sweet sentiments. Lots of funny moments, romantic gestures, and love to go around in these heartwarming stories. In the meantime,  let us give you a helping hand by providing you a list of the best Valentine's Day toddler books that celebrate all things love!


llama llama i love you

Llama Llama I Love You

  Llama Llama books are enormously popular amongst the toddler crowd for their short, rhyming text and the reassuring, loving bond between a mother and child. In this sweet Valentine's Day edition, Llama makes adorable, heart-shaped cards for all the llamas he loves.




little blue truck's valentine

Little Blue Truck's Valentine

Poor Little Blue Truck! He has spent hours and hours delivering special cards to all his very best friends and farm animals. At the end of the day, exhausted from making all those deliveries, he starts to wonder if anyone will reciprocate the love with cards for him. 



love from the very hungry caterpillar

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Our endearing little caterpillar is crawling around and spreading love where he goes. Eric Carle's best-selling, classic is reinvented in an adorable book for babies. A collection of the beloved illustrators artwork is pulled together with a fuzzy and very hungry little critter making an appearance on every page.



what is love biscuit

What is Love, Biscuit?

If any little puppy knows love, it is Biscuit. This golden puppy is the star of a series of board books with simple, sweet, and important values for all his little readers. This Valentine's Day edition is a sweet little board book with all the touches and feels toddlers have come to expect from Biscuit.



i love you little pookie

I Love You, Little Pookie

Sandra Boynton's Little Pookie is one a most giggle-inducing little piggy in perhaps our favorite baby board book collection. A most heartwarming, rhyming book about unconditional love and all the many ways to show it. Pages full of color and whimsy will keep your little lovey entertained and feeling all warm and fuzzy.



love monster

Love Monster

Finding someone who loves you just the way you are is the theme of this best-selling book featuring an endearing monster. It's especially difficult when you live in a town called Cutesville and you are anything but cute. He learns an important lesson about trusting fate and finding love when you least expect it.



snuggle puppy

Snuggle Puppy

A die-cut cover invites little readers into the most snuggly little story about a most snuggly little puppy. This classic Boynton book is an ideal Valentine's Day book for toddlers, but we have a feeling it will quickly become your baby's favorite book all year long!




where is baby's valentine

Where is Baby's Valentine?

Karen Katz is the master of baby lift-the-flap interactive books for babies. An adorable toddler is determined to find her Valentine! Lots of flaps to lift and tactile features to explore in book exploding with red hearts and plenty of love to go around.



my baby loves valentine's day

My Baby Loves Valentine's Day

Rhythmic poetry and whimsical illustrations make this baby book a must-read this holiday. A lovely, little toddler tells us all about the things she loves most about a holiday full of hugs, kisses, special cards, and all the other things we give to our special ones.




the i love you book

The I Love You Book

Todd Parr has created another captivating little book overflowing with love. The pictures, happy and childlike, complement the short and sweet text that perfectly conveys the unconditional love parents have for their little ones. 



hug machine

Hug Machine

Well, this sweet cover says it all! Valentine's Day is all about showing our love for those important little people in our lives. This sturdy board book is features a little boy who has no shortage of hugs to share with the world around him. No matter your shape or size, your spikes or sharp edges, this boy has a warm hug to give.



the shy little kitten's valentine's day

The Shy Little Kitten's Valentine's Day

A sweet and sturdy touch and feel book little babies will love to read. A furry kitten and her snuggly animal friends celebrate a day of love.Soft hearts, fuzzy blankets, and lots of other objects for little fingers to explore. 




tiny t rex and the perfect valentine

Tiny T. Rex and the Perfect Valentine

Bestselling book character Tiny T. Rex is back and more determined than ever. For his best friend, Pointy, he wants to make the most perfect card. He fervently believes that perfection must be achieved in order to adequately showcase his feelings! After several failed attempts, this cutie-pie dinosaur learns an important lesson about life and love.



the valentine is missing

The Valentine is Missing!

A group of fuzzy classmates are busy as bees with all of their holiday activities. From making cards to trading sweet treats, the classroom is abuzz with loving energy. It is no wonder that the card for the teacher gets lost in the chaos. Little tykes will love turning each die-cut page in search of the missing card in this most adorable Valentine's Day book for toddlers.



ollie's valentine

Ollie's Valentine

The holidays can feel a little lonely for if you don't have a special someone. That sentiment holds true for Ollie, the star of this best-selling Gossie & Friends edition. Our cute duck is determined to find a Valentine in time for the big day. Everyone he knows already has a loving partner, or so it seems. Maybe his perfect match is in plain sight and he just needs to open his eyes.



 night night valentine 

Night Night, Valentine

A family of pandas share a most loving bedtime routine.  After a day of activities like crafting hearts and making treats, a mother panda tucks her cubs in for a peaceful night. She soothingly fills their hearts with loving words perfectly suited for the holiday and every other day!


huggy kissy

Huggy Kissy

There's a lot to love about this little baby with a squishy belly and a single spiral of hair atop a deliciously bald head! So grab your bundle of love and settle in to read this adorable book all about...well, hugs & kisses! Leslie Patricelli's humorous and endearing tribute to little Valentines everywhere is simply the best.




be mine porcupine

Be Mine, Porcupine

Not everyone is as snuggly as a soft teddy bear! Babies will love this adorable book full of all kinds of critters who deserve love, despite their not-so-loving appearances. Bats, lizards, slugs, bats, alligators, and prickly porcupines need a little affection sometimes, too.


my fuzzy valentine

My Fuzzy Valentine

Join Elmo on his search to find the anonymous soul who gave him a very fuzzy Valentine! Babies will love touching the soft, furry heart that appears on every single page. And they will especially love finding out that Elmo's journey takes him full circle...and he ultimately learns that his secret Valentine was at home the whole time.


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valentine's day cookies


Sweet Toddler Stories About Love 

There are the little love notes, sweet candy hearts, vibrant red roses, delicious boxes of chocolate, and lots of other thoughtful tokens that we exchange with the ones we love on this special day in February. Tweens who are experiencing their first romances will enjoy novels about falling in love, full of stories about crushes, budding romances, and first relationship experiences. Fun facts about this holiday include the original lovebirds from which it all began as well as the explosion of cards professing everlasting love. When there is a toddler in our sphere who is experiencing a first Valentine's Day, we simply must shower this tiny being with all the love we have to offer! And since this baby may not be quite ready for sweet treats, toddler books about Valentines' Day are the perfect gift.  


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