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6 Amazing Pumpkin Facts for Kids

The fall season is filled with an abundance of seasonal festivities, like fun hayrides, Halloween parties, and, of course, mandatory visits to the pumpkin patch. Families enjoy exploring fields in search of perfectly round, bright orange pumpkins to decorate when they return home. Carving them into jack-o-lanterns with jagged teeth and harrowing eyes is always a fun activity. Scooping out seeds and baking them for a tasty snack is part of the process!




Fun Pumpkin Facts for Fall

Kids can find inspiration for all their fall decorating projects by reading pumpkin picture books that are filled with original, creative artwork. Here are some intriguing facts about pumpkins to share with your little ones while putting your creative juices to work.





The United States produces 1.5 billion pounds of of pumpkin every single year! Over 75% of the crop is available in October.


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Pumpkins are actually a fruit. They are in the same family as cucumbers and melons.


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The heaviest pumpkin ever recorded was grown in Germany and weighed in at a whopping 2600 pounds.


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Pumpkin flavored products generate an impressive $500 million in sales per year.


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Pumpkins are extraordinarily nutritious. They are full of heart-healthy magnesium, contain more potassium than bananas and more fiber than kale.


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If you are particularly hungry, you can eat every single part of a pumpkin. We all know that pumpkin seeds and pulp are edible, but so are the stem, the skin, the leaves, and the flowers!




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