8 Jumpin' Grasshopper Books for Kids

 ant and the grasshopper

Ant and Grasshopper

A modern twist on the classic fable about the interaction between a hardworking ant and a free-spirited grasshopper. While Ant is busy gathering food to store for the cold winter months, Grasshopper wastes the day away playing the fiddle. When a snowfall sends Ant into his warm, safe, well-stocked shelter, Grasshopper realizes he is not prepared for the harsh weather. Fortunately, Ant developed a fondness for Grasshopper's music and invites him into his home to stay.





Children's Picture Books About Grasshoppers

Observing a grasshopper hiding out in the surrounding foliage can feel like a rare and interesting occurrence. These six-legged insects with wings and antennae camouflage themselves amongst the greenery to stay safe from predators. They reach full adulthood five weeks after birth and live about 2 to 3 months if weather conditions are conducive to survival. Kids will learn all kinds of amazing information about the habitat, diet, defense mechanisms, mating rituals, and life cycle of these intricately formed insects. Little readers who love insects will enjoy learning about all of the ways they help the environment along with some of their nuisance behaviors. Some of these bugs are directly responsible for pollinating the plants we consume, while others eat smaller insects that destroy crops. These fun stories bring bugs to life where they show off their personalities and share the ways they contribute to the world.


grasshopper or cricket

Grasshopper or Cricket?

Grasshoppers and crickets looks remarkably similar. Kids who commonly mistake these two insects will enjoy reading this non-fiction book explaining the differences. Information is first presented to the readers about their appearance and behavior. Then a series of photographs is presented where little ones have to identify the bugs. A few pages in the back include more in-depth information for curious little minds.




 why worry

Why Worry?

An endearing story about a special friendship between Cricket and Grasshopper. Cricket spends his days worrying about all the possible things that could go wrong. Meanwhile, Grasshopper lives in a state of bliss without a care in the world. Together, the friends navigate the wilderness where they encounter all sorts of threats. Strong winds, hungry crows, and ravenous fish all present unique challenges. Cricket and Grasshopper stick together and learn how to balance their personalities as they face challenges. 






Catchy rhymes pair well with interesting photos throughout this non-fiction book. Part of the Creepy Critters series, this book is designed to pique the interest of kids who love insects.



 are you a grasshopper 

Are You a Grasshopper?

A great introductory book for preschoolers about this interesting insect. Readers will learn that grasshoppers rub their back legs together to make sounds. This is how males and females communicate as part of the mating process. Lots of other fun tidbits coupled with captivating pictures will keep little kids engaged.




 a grasshopper named scoot

A Grasshopper Named Scoot

A sweet story about a grasshopper who refuses to hop. His legs work just fine, but he lacks the confidence to sail high into the sky. His brothers and sisters tease him relentlessly and Scoot's parents are frustrated with his unconventional way of moving. Finally his mother figure out why he is so afraid to jump and soon enough helps her son leap free from all his worries. 



the grasshopper and the ants

The Grasshopper & the Ants

A gorgeous, highly-detailed picture book about the classic fable. The benefits of preparation over procrastination play out across the pages. The illustrations, accompanied by sparse text, tell whole story of ant who are busily gathering and storing food for the winter. While they are working hard, a grasshopper is plucking away at his banjo and wasting the days away. When the weather turns cold, the grasshopper realizes the error in his ways while the ants recognize the importance of generosity.



insects up close grasshoppers  

Insects Up Close: Grasshoppers

An excellent book for kids who want to read up on grasshopper trivia. They will learn why their name is so fitting, especially since they can jump more than twenty times longer than their body length. In addition to all the facts about how these insects fit into the grassy ecosystem, the book is chock full of detailed photographs showcasing the intricate body parts and functions. 


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Children's Stories Featuring Grasshoppers

Almost all bugs are valuable within their natural habitats and play a vital role in keeping other insect populations in check. Some predatory insects eat others that cause harm by destroying plants and trees. Other insects are consumed by valuable bugs that rely on them for important nutrients. It's important for kids to learn about the kinds of insects they need to protect, especially those that are dwindling like certain populations of endangered bees. For instance, squashing a bunch of ants on the sidewalk is not hurting anything, however, grasshoppers should not be smushed when spotted outdoors. And when one happens to slip through an open door, measures should be taken to preserve its life and return it back to nature. Grasshoppers are extremely important in the grassland ecosystem where they serve as critical food supply for wildlife. They also help in the decomposition of plants that are threatening to overtake a particular area. Kids will learn about all the ways these insects are valuable by reading children's grasshopper books.




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