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11 Children's Football Books by Tiki and Ronde Barber

game day

Game Day

Football fans will love this true account of  Tiki and Ronde Barbers' experience playing on the same team as young boys. They are both standout players who work together to win every single game. The only problem is that Tiki gets all the credit for the touchdown, despite the fact that Ronde's blocking moves make them all possible. Will Ronde ever get the attention he deserves? A well-written book that tells a rich story of sibling teammates who need to overcome rivalry and jealousy on the field. Fantastic illustrations will make readers feel like they are right on the field cheering for their favorite football stars.



tiki and ronde barber 

Tiki and Ronde Barber Picture Books

Ronde Barber played professional football for sixteen years for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tiki Barber, his identical twin, had a long-running career playing for the New York Giants. These two NFL stars partnered together off the field to write several inspiring children's books about football (with a couple of books about basketball and baseball, too!). They drew from their experiences playing together as young boys and all the lessons they learned from the game. 

Kids who love football will fall in love with these books penned by two of the biggest stars of the game. Identical twins and phenomenal athletes with storied careers share everything they have learned about the game, through big wins and disappointing losses, in these children's books. These stories offer an inside look at what it is like growing up as standout football players. Although the books are not autobiographies, the authors draw from their experiences and incorporate all the lessons they learned playing the football.


By My Brother's Side 

By My Brother's Side

 What does it take to be a champion football player? This book is packed with all the values that true athletes learns, oftentimes the hard way. Tiki and Ronde are not the biggest, strongest or most talented football players on the team. But they are fast. And, they possess character traits, instilled by their mother, that will carry them far on and off the field. The twins work harder than anyone else, they believe in themselves, they never give up, and they are extremely loyal. In this story, they are challenged with a potential career-ending injury. Find out how the brothers support each other and come out winners.





How does a talented football player handle the fallout from an embarrassing fumble? This is the dilemma Tiki Barber must resolve in this football picture book. It's the last preseason game against a rival team, and the ball is knocked out of his hands which leads to defeat. His teammates are disappointed in Tiki and refuse to talk to him at school the next day. Ronde, his brother and most supportive fan, has Tiki's back no matter what. Will he be able to help restore Tiki's confidence? A powerful lesson for kids about learning to pick themselves up after failure.



end zone 

End Zone

Concussions are an unfortunate but common occurrence amongst football players. Tiki and Ronde Barber learn this lesson the hard way when their eighth grade football team is on the path to winning the championship. Their star quarterback starts experiencing headaches, so his doctor orders him to sit out for several weeks. Can the team continue their winning streak without him? Football fans will love reading about how the team bands together, determined not to let this setback get in the way of their hopes and dreams.


go long

Go Long!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That's the lesson in this inspiring book about the Barber brothers as they transition from elementary to junior high school. Lots of things are changing. Off the field, the twins have to adjust to a changing social dynamic. On the field, the game has become more challenging and competitive for these athletes. Tiki and Ronde learn how to get along with new teammates, adjust to new coaches, and most importantly, work together to win. For kids who love football, this exciting picture book is packed with discussions about strategy, diet, fitness, and lots of action.



 red zone

Red Zone

 The pressure is on the two star athletes, Tiki and Ronde Barber, to lead their middle school team to the playoffs. Then an unfortunate case of chicken pox spreads through the team like wildfire, taking out one athlete at a time. Teamwork is in full force as each of the players steps up their game and fills in new positions, even when the two best players are down for the count. Readers will learns some important lessons while enjoying an exciting football game.




Trying out for a new team is stressful, especially for the twelve-year old twins who are moving up to the big league. Tiki and Ronde had a winning season playing for the peewee league in elementary school. But now they are moving on to junior high where the competition is stiff and and senior players have an advantage. The first obstacle they must overcome is making the team cut. Then they have to demonstrate their superior skills on the field so the season isn't spent as benchwarmers. A best-selling book for every kid who has ever experienced the stress associated with trying out for a new team.




 extra innings 

Extra Innings

Tiki and Ronde Barber may be best known as football players, but they venture outside the box with this easy, fast-paced chapter book about baseball.  In this story, the brothers join a baseball team to see if they can put their athletic talents to work on the diamond. Can they learn the rules and strategies of this new sport after all those years playing football? Some funny moments and important lessons learned in a book that even the most reluctant readers will enjoy.



 goal line

Goal Line

After putting in a lot of work over the spring and summer seasons, Tiki and Ronde Barber are well-prepared for the start of their first high school season. Even more exciting, their beloved Coach Wheeler is returning to lead the team to a highly-anticipated, successful season. Then one day Tiki delivers an inspiring speech which lands him the role of "advice columnist" for the school paper. Will his newfound passion for guiding his classmates divert his attention from the football team? A light, fast read especially recommended for kids who love football.



 wild card 

Wild Card

Teammates who rally around each other on and off the field are winners. This is the story about a key player on the football team who is struggling with his schoolwork. His grades have dropped and he no longer meets the academic requirement to play for the team. The rest of the team knows that they cannot have a winning season without him. So they put a plan in place to help him study and complete his assignments. Will their support be enough to boost his grades? 



jump shot 

Jump Shot

Football players Tiki and Ronde Barber take their athletic prowess indoors to the basketball court in this action-packed chapter book.  Theirjunior high school's basketball team loses most of their games, which is particularly embarrassing given the powerhouse football program. Motivated to turn things around, the basketball coach recruits the Barber brothers. Are the twins up for the challenge? They play hoops in the driveway but neither boy has ever played on a team with so much at stake. Can they lead and unite the team to win the championship? 


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tiki and ronde barber 

Kids' Books Written by Professional Football Players

If your child loves football, these books are sure to be a big hit. Every single one of the picture books and chapter books contain in-depth storytelling around the game itself. Pre-game strategy sessions are informative. Game day energy is captured in the stands as spectators cheer on the players. Awesome football plays are successfully executed sometimes. And other times, there are mistakes and failures that come with the territory.

These books are good for reluctant readers who love sports. If you have an active child who would rather play outside than read a book, you are not alone! One of the best ways to get an energetic child to read is by providing them with sports books they find interesting. 

All of the Tiki and Ronde Barber books have a generous amount of text on each page, so they bridge a gap between basic picture books and chapter books. There's a fair amount of dialogue throughout each one, so the books also feel conversational which can help with reader engagement.

The authors share the many valuable life lessons they learned playing sports over their long athletic careers, starting from the time they were young boys. Without coming across as preachy, each book effectively teaches about the importance of teamwork, loyalty, friendship, hard work, respect, perseverance, and overcoming challenges.


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