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7 Best New Toddler Potties Kids Love

real feel potty


Real Feel Potty

Kids will love the realistic design of this training potty. All of the components mirror an adult toilet, which will make little ones feel all grown up. A handy built-in compartment is perfect for the storage of wipes. Easy assembly and very portable for tots who want to move from room to room.



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Interactive Toddler Potties Make Training Easier

Finding a portable potty with lots of character and color is critical for training success. Kids usually don't train well on regular sized toilets. Little bums easily fall through big seats, sometimes causing kids to fear pooping on the potty. and making it hard to relax and concentrate on getting the deed done. Besides, toddlers don't always like the isolation that comes with being alone in the bathroom. Lightweight, plastic potties can be easily moved from room to room so there is no need for toddlers to be alone. Check out some of our favorites that may provide the necessary motivation. And be sure to grab the best toddler potty training books for good reading material while kids are testing out their new very own miniature toilet. 


my size potty lights and sounds 


My Size Potty Lights and Songs

Your toddler will love this realistic-looking toilet that plays songs when the handle is pushed. The removable potty topper can be placed on an actual toilet when the child is ready to make this transition.



my carry potty


My Carry Potty

One of the biggest challenges for a toddler is leaving the comfort of home. Recognizing this challenge, a parenting expert developed this award-winning travel  toilet. No more anxiety or accidents when on the go with your little one who is still learning!



 race car training potty

Race Car Training Potty

This awesome potty is both practical and cool for kids who love cars. Little ones will love rolling their potty from room to room, but the design has a no-skid feature that is employed when kids sit down to take care of business. The back of the potty prevents splashing for boys who like to stand, and the seat is removable for placement on a regular-size toilet.




 musical potty trainer


Musical Potty Trainer

This adorable little potty has it all. Four different musical tunes that encourage and celebrate the big event. It includes a tracking chart to measure a toddler's success and a bonus storage area for wipes and other necessities. The removable seat can be easily affixed to an adult-size toilet for when the time comes for an upgrade.




dinosaur potty


Dinosaur Potty

Functionality is top notch with a skid-proof bottom and deep, wide, mess-free bowl. An adorable dinosaur design will encourage every little one to take a seat and relax for awhile. Colorful and cute, these little guys blend right in with bedrooms, playrooms, and other spaces in the home.


potty training urinal


Froggy Training Urinal

Boys will learn how to aim with this hilarious froggy potty. The little red tongue spins when little guys perfect their stream. This fun contraption can be easily mounted to the wall and stays in place while boys master their potty skills.


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Toddler Potty Trainers That Look Real

There is no shortage of advice on how to teach kids to use the toilet, and the bookstores are overflowing with  training guides chock full of games, incentive systems, and creative ideas to solve an age-old problem- transitioning a toddler from diapers to underwear. So many cute toddler training potties make the entire experience like taking a spin on a brand new toy. Colorful little toilets shaped like cars, animals, and characters encourage little ones to take a seat. There are buttons to push for twinkly songs and cool sound effects. Handles to make pretend flushing the toilet are an added bonus. Sometimes buying a portable toddler toilet provides enough incentive to ditch the diaper, but other times parents needs to follow more tips to help their little ones reach this milestone. Rest assured that after weeks of patience being tested and laundry loads multiplied, eventually the day will come when little ones are ready to tackle the next challenge.


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