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27 Fantastic Hanukkah Books For Kids

Hanukkah Bear

An award-winning book aboutBubba Brayna, a very old lady who is famous for her amazing latkes. Everyone in the village has grown to love them. Now that she is 97 and can't venture out to celebrate, she invites everyone into her home instead. A sneaky bear is drawn to the delicious aromas coming from Bubba Brayna's kitchen. The latkes are warm and ready for the rabbi and other special village guests. When Bubba mistakes the bear for the rabbi, she allows him full access to her goodies. Then the real guests arrive and there are no more left for them to enjoy. A humorous and heartwarming story of sharing and togetherness perfect for the holiday.



Picture Books Celebrating Hanukkah 

A special way to teach little ones about the meaning of the holiday is through reading children's books about Hanukkah together. Some of the best titles share the history and importance through imagery and stories that are age-appropriate and engaging. Also, for more Jewish holiday reading, be sure to browse Purim books sharing Esther's story to add to your child's bookshelf.



Hanukkah Stories for Toddlers

These sturdy books are designed to be well-loved by eager little ones ready to start learning about the fundamental importance of the holiday. Colorful illustrations and simple verse make these Hanukkah toddler books perfect for story time with the youngest of listeners.


 Where Is Baby's Dreidel?

Our favorite Baby is back in this colorful Karen Katz book. Toddlers will love lifting the flaps to find all sorts for fun gifts behind each one. Stay tuned until the very end when Baby finally finds what he is looking for- a sparkly dreidel!



 Sammy Spider's Hanukkah Colors

Sammy Spider is an expert at teaching toddlers all about the Jewish holidays. He stars with his friend Josh in this colorful book perfect for toddlers. Our favorite insect is simultaneously celebrating while also teaching us all about colors.



 Hanukkah Is Coming!

This Hanukkah board book packs in a lot of celebration. Join a family during the 8 nights as they enjoy latkes, light the menorah, play dreidel and much more. We love this fun, festive book for toddlers starting to learn about all of the holiday traditions.



 My First Chanukah

Both the celebration of the eight days of Chanukah as well as the significance of this time of year are covered in this introductory book for toddlers. This is a highly recommended book to start building your collection around this important holiday.



 Happy Hanukkah, Curious George

A lengthier book for older toddlers will keep them giggling at the antics of a most famous monkey- Curious George! A sturdy, tabbed board book takes toddlers through all of the fun symbols and celebrations, like playing with the dreidel, lighting the menorah, and learning all about mitzvah. You can even follow Curious's George's recipe for making the best latkes or instructions for playing dreidel. A most fun book for toddlers and adults alike.



 Hanukkah Lights

A simple, informative book that embraces all of the fun things to do around the holiday. Giving gifts, playing dreidel and eating latkes are all part of the celebration.



 Happy Hanukkah, Corduroy

Have fun with our favorite bear, Corduroy, as he participates in the holiday festivities. Latkes, dreidels, menorahs and all of the traditional activities are enjoyed in this board book perfect for toddlers.


 Grover's Hanukkah Party

Little toddlers will learn the importance of number eight in this book featuring our furry blue friend. This Sesame Street Hanukkah book intertwines important concepts about the holiday with counting for young readers.


 Happy Hanukkah, Pout-Pout Fish

Pout-Pout Fish is excited to join all of his underwater sea friends in lighting the menorah and spinning the dreidel. In this mini-board book for babies and toddlers, all of the characters come together for eight nights of festivities.



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Teach Kids About Chanukah By Reading

By the time children are in preschool, they are ready for  picture books with slightly longer stories. Here is a list of the best titles that are great for read-aloud story time. They include funny stories and heartwarming moments when friends and family come together to celebrate. Through entertaining picture books with captivating illustrations and good storylines, kids will learn all about the importance, traditions, and history around this Jewish holiday. 


Is It Hanukkah Yet?

Snow is on the ground and a chill is in the air! Join these adorable children as they excitedly anticipate the season. They make applesauce, light the menorah, and participate in all the traditions of the holiday in this poetic picture book.



 Shmelf the Hanukkah Elf

Jewish children may feel a little left out with all of the Elf on the Shelf craziness around Christmas. Shmelf knows just what to do! When he is checking Santa's Naughty and Nice list, he sees a gaping hole. So many Nice kids didn't make the list.  Shmelf does a little investigative work and discovers that all these nice kids are actually celebrating the Jewish holiday instead. They are playing dreidel, lighting the menorah, and celebrating their own special Jewish holiday. This sweet addition to a child's book collection combines the wonderful traditions of both holidays in a story that kids will read over and over again.



 simon and the bear

A little boy named Simon is on a journey to America when disaster strikes and he becomes stuck on an iceberg. He thinks about his mother's advice when he left her, so he prays for a miracle as he lights a candle on the menorah. A great story for preschoolers about the power of prayer and miracles.



The Kvetch Who Stole Hanukkah 

A funny, rhyming spin on the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Yiddish terminology woven into a humorous story about the year that Hanukkah almost didn't happen. Preschoolers will laugh and learn along the way while they listen to this humorous story. A great addition to any collection for kids.



 The Eighth Menorah 

Sam has a problem. His family has seven menorahs at home, yet as part of his Sunday school lesson, he is supposed to make yet another menorah. He has a long talk with his grandmother who dispense some good advice. Sam now knows he has to move forward with constructing an eighth menorah, which will be a gift for someone special.



peppa pig Happy Hanukkah

A fun page of stickers comes with this Peppa Pig  book perfect for preschoolers. Peppa and George eat potato pancakes, light the menorah and participate in other holiday rituals. A really informative fact sheet in the back of the book is a good reference for little ones ready to learn more.



 Emanuel and the Hanukkah Rescue

A story of adventure and trepidation about a little boy and his father, who will not light the menorah. The family is out to sea on a boat that is capsized. With a miracle and the guidance of a menorah the is finally lit, the family makes their way to safety.



 Potatoes at Turtle Rock

Annie is a little girl who loves tradition. She takes her family out on a late-night journey around their farm on the very first night of Hanukkah. She celebrates old traditions and invents new ones with her riddles...and...potatoes.



Yitzi and the Giant Menorah

The people of Chelm just don't know what to do! They have received an enormous menorah from the mayor of Lublin as a gift and they cannot come up with an appropriate way to express their appreciation. Finally, a little boy named Yitzi has a solution just in the nick of time. Read this enjoyable book to find out what he decides to do.

Queen of the Hanukkah Dosas 

We love this  book featuring a blended family- Jewish and Indian - as they find a creative way to combine their celebrations. They decide to replace latkes with dosas which requires a trip to the Indian grocery store. Sadie is so excited that she causes quite a commotion at the grocery store, but this little troublemaker is just the one they need when things go awry! A fun, multicultural addition to a child's reading list this holiday.


Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

A 1990 Caldecott Honor Book, this is a classic book that should be part of every family's reading time during this time of year. Goblins have invaded the synagogue and are determined to prevent the townspeople from gathering together. Hershel has to outsmart these creatures and restore peace to his village so they can come together for this important celebration.



The Story of Hanukkah 

A beautifully straightforward retelling of the miracle in Jerusalem. Captivating paintings compliment the simplistically worded, yet powerful story, of the brave Maccabees.


 There Was a Young Rabbi: A Hanukkah Tale

Colorful, festive Hanukkah story about a very busy Rabbi. Kids will love the cumulative story-telling style that covers all the rituals from spinning dreidels to lighting menorahs. Lots of good information about the Jewish holiday covered as well.



  A Dreidel in Time: A New Spin on an Old Tale

This great book delves deep into history.  It begins with a brother and sister who associate the holiday with receiving gifts from all of their relatives.  They are disappointed when their Bubbe and Zayde give them an old dreidel, but what they soon realize is that they have been given the gift of time travel. Transported back in time to live with the Maccabbees, the siblings experience first hand the stories they learned in Hebrew class.


Little Red Ruthie A Hanukkah Tale

It is always fun to read a new book with a spin on a traditional fairy tale. This Hanukkah book is no exception!. Ruthie is off to visit her grandmother, with a basket full of goodies to complement the delicious latkes that will be waiting for her.  But to this sweet Jewish girl's surprise, she encounters a scary wolf in the woods and must rely on skills of persuasion to save herself.



The Eight Knights of Hanukkah  

The knights have to save the holiday after a countryside dragon wreaks havoc. He scorches the dreidel, eats the sufganiyot and causes all kinds of mischief. Fun wordplay and whimsical illustrations work together in this non-traditional, fantasy book.



Noah and the Eight Trucks of Hanukkah 

We love this story about a little boy who incorporates his love for trucks with a Jewish holiday celebration. Noah loves trucks and figures there must be place for them in his favorite holiday. So he creates his very own Festival of Trucks to honor the Maccabees. 


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