13 Celebratory Children's Books about Purim

Purim is Coming!

A chunky board book suitable for ages 1-4 is the perfect introduction to little ones ready to learn about this important Jewish holiday. Vibrant illustrations and simple, easy-to-understand text walk readers through the many customs. Reading the megillah, making costumes to wear in the parade, and baking hamantaschen are all covered in this highly recommended Purim book.



Best Children's Books about Purim 

Reading with your children from the time they are babies is crucial for their cognitive and language development. Choosing books that also teach them about your families' values and religious beliefs is an opportunity to further enhance the reading experience. Be sure to include books about other Jewish holidays as well, including a wide selection  children's Hanukkah books for readers of all ages.

Here is a list of some of the best kids' books about Purim for you to read with your children. 


Sammy Spider's First Purim

We have grown to love the Sammy Spider series of books that introduce all the important aspects of the Jewish holidays. In this edition, Sammy is eager to begin celebrating Purim, but unfortunately he gets stuck in a grogger! Kids will love following Sammy's adventure and learning about Purim along the way.



A Persian Princess

Jewish-Iranian customs are introduced in this vibrant picture packed with interesting, accessible information about Purim. Told through the eyes of a girl who is too young to have a part in the Purim play. Her grandmother elevates her mood by recreating their own traditions at home. They dress up in colorful scarves and head out to deliver Purim treats to their neighbors. A unique Purim book that should be added to a child's collection.



The Purim Story

A straightforward telling of the Purim story in rhyme.  If you are looking for a simplistic, matter-of-fact explanation of both the historical events and fabled stories that are central to the Purim holiday, this is the book for you. A comprehensive glossary covers all the terminology commonly associated with Purim. 



Purim Chicken

A funny, lighthearted book about some quirky farm animals preparing for Purim. They dress up and decide to put on a play about Queen Esther. Things take a bad turn when the lead in the play (Quack) disappears and suffers a mishap with a fox. Will another furry farm friend be able to take over her role and save the play? Little kids will thoroughly enjoy the pictures and puns that fill the pages of this cute book about Purim.



The Queen Who Saved Her People

A highly entertaining, rhyming account that creatively deviates from the biblical story. Lots of humor and suspense are packed into this book that begs to be enacted as a play.  This Purim tale follows Esther in her quest to stop the evil Haman from his terroristic reign. A fast-paced, action-packed, laugh-out-loud rendition perfect for read aloud story time.




Esther Gragger: A Toyshop Tale of Purim

A little girl named Esther sure is proud of the gragger (noisemaker) she earned as a result of all her hard work. She worked diligently to deliver charitable gifts to the needy in honor of the Purim holiday. She is thrilled with her reward and cannot wait to put it on full display when she marched in the Purim parade. In an unpleasant turn of events, a bully tries to steal her gragger. Drawing from the strength in her name, Esther, she stands up to the bully. Imaginative details and symbols will keep little eyes glued to every single page.



Purim Play

A family decides to put on a play to celebrate Purim. They work through the process of assigning the family members their specific roles in the re-enactment of the story of Esther.  They are at a loss to fill the part of evil Haman, that is until a female neighbor volunteers to play the male role. Lots of valuable lessons for families of all faiths are a part of this unique Purim book. Suitable for kids of all ages.



Talia and the Haman-tushies

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where generations of family members come together to cook and share stories. While Grandma teaches Talia how to make her very delicious Haman-tushies cookies, she simultaneously shares a lighthearted version of Esther's story. A fun, attractive picture book with a play on words that will keep kids in stitches.



The Purim Superhero

Bright, cartoonish illustrations will appeal to young readers in this uplifting Purim children's book. A little boy named Nate is facing a dilemma- he wants to dress up as an alien for the Purim parade, but he also wants to fit in with his friends who are dressing as superheroes. Using his creative talents, Nate comes up with an ingenius solution (based on the story of Esther) and wins a costume award. The story is full of details surrounding Purim traditions and festivities.



Not for All the Hamantaschen in Town

A fun twist on the Three Little Pigs, only this time they are making crowns for their Purim costumes, instead of building houses to keep out the wolf. They are overwhelmed with excitement about eating hamantaschen at the Purim carnival. But what happens when the wolf, who loves hamantaschen as well, shows up? Will he ruin the Purim festivities for everyone?




Sweet Tamales for Purim

Loosely based on a real life event, this Purim story is about a group of  Jewish families that settled in the Old West.  In the late 1800s, the local ladies planned a Purim Ball so they could share their traditions with new neighbors. All of their well-planned festivities were interrupted when they discovered that a goat ate all of the Hamantashen.  A resourceful little girl, determined not to let the day be ruined, uses her creativity to solve the problem. Just like Esther, she is smart, quick-witted and self-sufficient.



the purim book the story of esther

The Purim Book: The Story of Esther

Frequently cited as one of the truest Purim books for young children. Readers are taken on a journey back to the Persian town of Shushan where they will learn all about the events that led to the celebration of Purim. Lush illustrations and authentic characters create an engaging true-to-life experience.


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Why Read Kids' Purim Books 

Purim is a joyful holiday honoring the Jewish people who were saved from extermination thanks to a woman named Esther. Families gather together to exchange gifts of food and drink. Donating to the poor, called mattanot la-evyonim, is also a central part of the celebration. Children's purim books teach little ones the history and meaning of the holiday. Reading with your children, especially when you choose books that embrace religion, culture, and values, is an incredibly effective way to educate and share knowledge.   


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