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15 Heartwarming Children's Books About Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

the most special flower girl 

The Most Special Flower Girl: All the Best Things About Being in a Wedding


Receiving an invitation to be a flower girl is such a special honor. Little girls will most definitely have a lot of questions about their role in the wedding. This beautiful picture book tells the story of all the exciting, wonderful events that occur leading up to and on the big day. Join a little girl on her adventure from trying on pretty dresses to walking down the aisle to enjoying a wonderful wedding celebration afterwards. A lovely book gift for a flower girl!



flower girl



Picture Books to Give Flower Girls

Beautiful flower girls can steal the show, at least for their brief time in the spotlight as they shuffle down the aisle. Taking the time beforehand to prep for this role will pay off and help to prevent any untimely mishaps. The charm of spontaneous, non-disruptive behaviors, emotions, and expressions can enhance the experience for the guests. But let's not confuse a short and sweet deviation from an outright breach in acceptable flower girl etiquette. Reading the best kids' books about flower girls is a fantastic way to prepare little ones for their moment to shine. These stories share are variety of experiences so that girls know what to expect when the big day finally arrives.


pinkalicious flower girl

Pinkalicious: Flower Girl

A very excited Pinkalicious has just learned that she is going to be a flower girl! She knows it's a special honor but isn't quite sure what she will have to do. Will she dress up in flowers? Will she get to eat cake? An adorable book that will not disappoint little girls in love with all things pink and frilly.



 junie b jones is almost a flower girl

Junie B. Jones is (Almost) a Flower Girl

Junie B. Jones is the spunky star of a best-selling series loved by little girls. In this wedding edition, Junie B. is certain she will be chosen as flower girl for her aunt's upcoming nuptials. When her expectations fall short, she needs to come up with a plan to nevertheless be the center of attention on the wedding day. A funny book to that will surely lighten the mood of nervous flower girls everywhere.



 i'm a flower girl sticker and activity book

I'm a Flower Girl! Sticker and Activity Book

More than 30 pages chock full of activities for a little flower girl. From designing a wedding invitation to coloring in a bride's dress, hours of stimulation are packed into this creative flower girl book. More than 300 reusable stickers are included for some wedding planning fun.



 disney princess once upon a flower girl

Disney Princess: Once Upon a Flower Girl

Little girls will fall in love with this beautiful picture book featuring their favorite Disney princesses. Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, and Aurora give wonderful advice to little girls about what they need to do on the wedding day. Diverse characters are represented in this sweet book that will boost a flower girl's confidence. The princesses acknowledge the nervousness little girls may feel ahead of time. But after the ceremony, girls can dance their worries away at the wedding reception. 



 heidi heckelbeck is a flower girl

Heidi Heckelbeck is a Flower Girl

An easy-to-read chapter book about a feisty flower girl. Heidi is not too excited about everything that is required of her as a flower girl, especially the lacy, frilly, very uncomfortable dress. To make matters worse, her little brother, Henry, is the ring bearer who seems to have lost the rings! Can Heidi whip up some magical powers and save the day? A fun book for flower girl/ring bearer siblings or anyone else who isn't completely on board about being part of the wedding party.


the flower girl

The Flower Girl

A sweet and simple flower girl book that is perfect for toddlers. This darling book covers everything tiny tots need to know. Short rhyming sentences cover all the basics from wedding day preparations, what to expect at the ceremony, and all the fun that happens at the reception.



 the night before the wedding

The Night Before the Wedding

A fun, flower girl story which is part of the best-selling "The Night Before" book series based on Clement C. Moore's classic Christmas poem. A little girl is excited about her role as the flower girl in her sister's wedding. But like a lot of weddings, things don't go exactly as planned and the day is filled with a series of mishaps. A lighthearted story for all little girls getting ready for their very important day.



 stella batts something blue

Stella Batts: Something Blue

A fast-paced, funny book about a wedding where nothing seems to go right. Stella and her sister are invited to be flower girls in their aunt's wedding. The girls are excited to play this special role. The envision the special moment when they get to drop flower petals down the runway. But when the day arrives, a series of disastrous events occur that threaten to derail the entire wedding. Fortunately, a flexible bride (and groom) along with their supportive families manage to find the silver lining.



amelia bedelia ties the knot 

Amelia Bedelia Ties the Knot

Aunt Mary is getting married and she has asked Amelia Bedelia to be her flower girl. Of course, anything and everything goes wrong leading up to the wedding day. The ceremony is planned to take place on the beach. On the way, a bridge falls apart, a strange woman is roaming about, and the bride's dress rips. Fortunately, in true Amelia Bedelia style, she comes to the rescue with her creative problem solving. 



 ellie the flower girl

Ellie the Flower Girl (The Critter Club)

One of the sweetest beginner chapter book series for little girls! In this installment, Ellie is overcome with excitement when she learns she is going to be the flower girl in her cousin's wedding. To make things even more special, a little bulldog is joining her as a wedding guest. Ellie decides she absolutely must find a permanent home for this pup, and she has come up with the perfect solution.  



ring bearer


Fantastic Children's Books About Ring Bearers 

Ring bearers are the sweetest additions to a wedding party. Charming the wedding guests in their mini-tuxedos, these wedding party cherubs add a soft touch to the ceremony. Preparing children for their role during the wedding ceremony is super important. Even a minor transgression can have a not-so-positive effect on the atmosphere and shift the focus away from the bride and groom. For this very reason, we suggest you grab some of these children's books about ring bearers. A little bit of preparatory reading can go a long way to ensure smooth sailing on the wedding day.


the best ever ring bearer

The Best Ever Ring Bearer: All the Best Things About Being in a Wedding

Being a ring bearer is a very important job! After all, if the rings  are not delivered safely to the bride and groom, they cannot get married! Little boys will feel a lot more confident about their job after reading this storybook guide on everything they can expect on the wedding day. From getting dressed up in their new suits, posing for lots and lots of pictures, and dancing the night away at the reception. This book is a thoughtful gift to thank a ring bearer after the wedding, but it's probably even better to deliver it to the little boy ahead of the big day.


the ring bearer

The Ring Bearer

A heartwarming story about a little boy named Jackson who is taking his job as ring bearer very seriously. He knows exactly what he needs to do but he's full of worries. What if he trips? What if he drops the rings? And then there's the flower girl, his soon-to-be step-sister, who doesn't seem to understand her job. A wonderful story about a little boy whose family life is about to change in a big way after he bravely walks down the aisle.



ring bearer a to z

Ring Bearer A to Z

Consider this the best guide to being a ring bearer on the market! All the important facets of this special role are covered in fun, rhyming verse. Tied into the letters of the alphabet, all the basics and a whole lot of extra traditions and interesting facts are covered in this special wedding day book.


the ring bear a wedding book for kids

The Ring Bear: A Wedding Book for Kids

An adorable gift book for an equally adorable ring bearer. For most little boys, the first time they have heard the term "ring bearer" is the moment they are invited to serve as one in an upcoming wedding. The Ring Bear is just the book you need to read to get your guy ready for his big day. It's also a wonderful book to give after the event to thank a child for doing such a good job.


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Read Books to Prepare Kids for a Wedding

A child who is asked to participate in a wedding will most likely have a lot of questions. What will I wear? What do I have to do? What if I mess up? The list goes on and on. A great way to help a little kid get ready for a big wedding is to read! This list of stories about flower girls and ring bearers make great gifts ahead of the wedding day to prepare a child, or after the wedding as a thank you present. Write a special message inside the cover and the book will be a forever keepsake reminding the child of the momentous event.

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