18 Amusing Kids' Books About Sleepovers

Froggy's Sleepover

 Froggy is excited for his very first invitation to spend the night at Max's house. He's packed his bag with all the necessities and heads out for fun night. But when he arrives, he gets cold feet and the two buddies head back to Froggy's house for a bit. While there, Max develops a tummy ache so back they go to his house. This pattern continues for quite awhile until the two are tuckered out and finally fall asleep. This sleepover book is perfect for any little one with the jitters.



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Best Books to Prepare Kids for Slumber Parties

 Sleepovers are a rite of passage during childhood. The very first time a child spends the night at a friend's house is a milestone that is actually quite important. Although this big event doesn't occur at the same age for all kids, it represents a sense of independence, confidence, and self-reliance. But for little ones who struggle with nighttime jitters, a slumber party can feel too overwhelming to attend. Perhaps stories where characters are afraid of the dark and share their coping skills when it's time for bed, especially in unfamiliar places. 

There is no exact right time for kids to take the plunge. Some are ready to head out the door the moment they receive their first invitation, while others are still struggling with bedtime even at home. If this is the case with your own little one, here are some tales about little ones struggling to sleep in their own bed to help you tackle this challenge before party invitations start arriving. But many parents agree that it is a big deal when it does finally happen. So if your kid needs a little boost or just wants some good laughs, these children's books about sleepovers will do the trick.


 Just Grace and the Super Sleepover

Grace is a spunky third grader who gets herself in sticky situations from time to time. In this installment, she's invited to a slumber party with some school friends. It sounds like a fun idea until she learns that the girls will be sleeping outside. Grace isn't so sure she is brave enough to handle this arrangement, but with the help of her father and a little preparation, she overcomes her fear.  This is a good chapter book for new readers with its short text snippets and illustrations.  



 Sleepover with Beatrice and Bear

This adorable book is about a sleepover party that lasts all winter long! Beatrice, a cute bunny, and Bear at the best of friends. Together they enjoy endless fun through spring, summer and fall. There is no shortage of outdoor activities, like playing in the leaves and swimming. When winter arrives, Beatrice can't find Bear anywhere. A forest friend explains the concept of hibernation, but Beatrice can't stand the thought of missing an entire season without seeing her friend. So she decides to join him in an epic sleepover that lasts for weeks!



 Peppa's First Sleepover

Lovable but bossy Peppa Pig is ecstatic. She has been invited to her first slumber party at Zoe Zebra's house. Lots of other friends are going as well. Rebecca Rabbit, Emily Elephant and Suzy Sheep are part of this energetic sleepover party that may not actually involve any sleep at all. A bonus page of stickers is in the back of this funny story. 




 Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover 

Lots of little kids embarking on their very first night away from home will relate to Chester Raccoon's experience. He has a fun and active day with all of his friends at Pepper Opossum's house. They play lots of games and eat delicious snacks. It is not until bedtime that Chester starts to have his doubts. Even though he has his Kissing Hand tucked firmly into his palm, Chester misses his own bedroom and family. Will he ever be able to fall asleep in this strange surrounding? 


The Berenstain Bears and the Slumber Party

You can always count on a Berenstain Bears book to deliver a good lesson.  In this story, Sister Bear is excited to sleep over at her friend Lizzie's house. When she arrives, Sister realizes that Lizzie's parents are not home to supervise. To make matters worse, some uninvited guests show up to the party, too. Readers will learn a lot about how Sister handles this sticky situation. This story about a party gone wrong will open up a discussion with your own kids about responsibility and accountability.



 Sorrel and the Sleepover

Sorrel and Sage are the best of friends. And like a lot of little girls, they find comfort in all of their similarities. They enjoy the same games, music, and even look alike. When Sorrel spends her first sleepover at Sage's house, she is mesmerized by the size of her home and the bustling activity of her large family. Sorrel knows that she should reciprocate by inviting Sage to her home next, but she isn't so sure. Her house is tiny and her family is small and quiet. What if Sage doesn't have fun when she visits? A delightful book about celebrating differences, which can unexpectedly bring friends closer sometimes.


Maisy Goes on a Sleepover

Maisy goes to Tallulah's house for an exciting night. She packs a bag with all her necessities and heads out for some fun at her best friend's house. Preschoolers will love the bold illustrations, happy characters, and all the play that happens well past bedtime.



 Darcy's First Sleepover

Young children benefit from a bedtime routine. It provides them with a sense of safety and comfort. Darcy prefers strawberry toothpaste, she snuggles up with her cat, and she drifts off the the sounds of her parents cleaning up downstairs. So when she spends her first sleepover at her cousin's house, things just aren't the same. The toothpaste is peppermint, her cat is not with her, and the wind is making a loud noise outside. Will Darcy ever be able to fall asleep or should she ask to go home? 


Sleepover at the Museum

Mason has planned a not-so-ordinary sleepover. His favorite place to visit is the museum of natural history, so what better place could there be to host his birthday party? He and his best friends have come equipped with headlamps and a map to use for a treasure hunt. While on their adventure, the friends try to decide where they will ultimately sleep for the night. Finding just the right place to settle down proves difficult. A well-illustrated, action-packed sleepover book for kids looking for a little adventure. 



Fancy Nancy: Saturday Night Sleepover

An ordinarily confident Nancy has a case of the jitters! When her parents go away for a vacation alone, she and her sister, Jojo, spend the week at Mrs. DeVine's house. The very first night everything is going so well, until it is time to go to sleep. Surprisingly, Nancy, a self-proclaimed sleepover expert, feels nervous and anxious. Little sister comes to the rescue with words of encouragement that help Nancy settle down.



Eva's Big Sleepover

An endearing story about Eva the Owl who is planning a big event. She has invited all her friends to come. Everyone is excited for this big birthday bash except for Sue. She declined the invitation and Eva isn't sure how to take it. Does Sue really not want to come to the party or is she really just nervous about not sleeping in her own bed? Eva decides to take matters in her own hands and convince Sue that the party will be fun and not scary at all. 



 Franklin Has a Sleepover

Franklin invites Bear to his house to spend the night. The two buddies are enjoying their evening, but when it's time to go to bed, Bear has second thoughts. He begins to miss the comfort and security of his own bedroom, which is a common sentiment children experience. Fortunately, Franklin is a kind host and finds a way to make Bear feel better. The next morning Bear, feeling good about how the night played out, invites Franklin to his house next time.


Sleepover Larry

 Larry is not your typical polar bear. For one, he lives in a posh hotel named after him. Also, he happens to love blueberry muffins, the ballet, and his job as a lifeguard. One day this quirky, eccentric bear invites all his zoo friends to the hotel for a gigantic pajama party. Readers will laugh at the utter chaos and humorous moments in this funny book.



Wish Upon a Sleepover

A touching middle-grade novel about an event that turns Leilani's world upside down in the best possible way. She is longing to be part of the popular group at school. The Haileys, as they are called, have the most enviable sleepovers, leaving lots of outsiders longing for an invite. Leilani decides to be proactive by inviting The Baileys to an incredible party at her own  house. When there is a mixup with the invitations, Lailani finds herself hosting a group of misfits instead. This disastrous mistake results in an unpredictable and meaningful night.



 hugless douglas and the big sleepover

The illustrations enhance the humor in this sleepover book with no shortage of laughs. Hugless Douglas is a very large brown bear who has been invited to a sleepover at Rabbit's house. He quickly packs a very full bag of all his overnight necessities and heads out for the big night. Along the way, he not only gets into a little trouble, but also invites some forest friends to join the sleepover party. Clearly Douglas hasn't thought about how he will squeeze down the rabbit hole, or if there will even be enough space for all the creatures he invited along the way. 



 ruby's sleepover

Spending the entire night in the garden sounds like a brilliant idea. Ruby and Mai make plans for this fun night under the stars. Once they settle inside their tent, some strange and spooky creatures seem to appear out of nowhere. Fortunately, Ruby has come prepared with some magical objects that will keep the girls safe and sound. 


sleepover duck

 Duck is having so much fun at his first sleepover. He's spending the night in the barn with his best friend, Cat. When it is time to go to sleep, Duck hears a "hoot, hoot " sound that is making him a bit uneasy. So he and cat set out to explore all the nooks and crannies around the barn to find out what is making this spooky sound. Along the way, these friends meet up with lots of barn animals. A reassuring book for little kids who will learn that night noises aren't so scary after all.


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Stories About Pajama Parties Ease the Jitters

When a child receives a very first invitation to a pajama party, it's an exciting moment. Surely it will be fun spending an entire night sleeping at a friend's house with a bunch of other kids. Hours playing games, giggling with others, telling ghost stories, eating snacks, and staying up well past normal bedtime sounds like an amazingly good time. But when the big day finally arrives, sometime nagging thoughts start to plague a child. Lots of kids start to feel a bit anxious and worry about whether they can handle sleeping someplace other than their own bed. Reading children's books about slumber parties ahead of time can help alleviate this fear. The characters have a whole variety of experiences and teach readers how to handle each one. 



Tips for a Successful First Sleepover

So your child has received an invitation to sleep over at a friend's house. Maybe it's a big party or perhaps it's an invite for just your kid to spend the night. Either way, this first overnight adventure is a big moment in a child's life. Some kids handle this event without a second thought and can easily settle down to sleep. For others, the thought of sleeping somewhere other than their familiar, cozy bedroom fills them with anxiety. If your child is likely to be more of a worrier, here are some tips to help ensure the first overnight adventure is successful.

  • Don't force a sleepover before your child is ready. There is no right or wrong age. Some children as young as 3 can handle it, and in other cases, kids may never want to spend the night somewhere else. Some things in life are required, like going to school, so pick your battles wisely.
  • Practice with a late-over before an entire overnight event. Have your child pack a bag with all of the usual necessities like a toothbrush, a special stuffed animal or blanket, pajamas, and whatever other items are part of a bedtime routine. You can arrange for a late pick-up, perhaps right before the host is ready to go to sleep. If your child handles this scenario without any difficulty, this is a good sign of sleepover readiness.
  • Avoid texting your child after you complete the drop off. It's ok to respond to your child, but do not proactively reach out and ask how things are going. Chances are pretty good that your child is having a great time. Interruptions from you, as tempting as it may be, may spoil the fun and create unnecessary anxiety.
  • Take your child shopping to pick out something new for the first sleepover. It may be something as small as travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste. If you are feeling indulgent, perhaps a new pair of pajamas, a special pillow, or new stuffed animal. It will give your child a sense that this is a special occasion, like the first day of school, and should be celebrated.
  • Pack ahead of time so your child is not rushing around as you are ready to head out the door. Missing an important item, like a special blanket, could spoil the entire night. A good idea is to have your child make a list a couple of days in advance, and then check off things as they are packed into a bag. Creating structure and process around packing will give your child a sense of control and minimize the likelihood of forgetting something.
  • Send some of your child's favorite snacks along in the overnight bag. Having some comfort food tucked away can give your child a sense of security. But there is  another reason why this is a good idea. Kids tend to stay up much later than their normal bedtime when staying at a friend's house. If it's been hours since dinnertime, hunger pangs will likely plague your child. Having a small bag of pretzels, crackers, or other filling snack at their fingertips will help.
  • Be prepared to pick your child up no matter how late it may be. The reason could be a legitimate bellyache caused by eating a lot of junk food and staying up way too late. Or, it could simply be that the child is just nervous and not quite ready to spend an entire night away from home. And sometimes there could be a situation that occurs where a child doesn't feel comfortable in the presence of others in the home. This is a good opportunity to talk to your children about good touch, bad touch and body boundaries. Some parents find it helpful to establish a pick-up deadline ahead of time, meaning that a child has up until a specified time to ask for a ride home. Figure out what will work best depending on your schedule and establish some guidelines. 
  • Read books to give your child coping skills. For instance, children's books about anxiety and worry are stories about characters in a variety of stressful situations. They learn to develop tools and tactics to calm their nerves and face their fears with bravery. Kids who are afraid of sleepovers will learn a thing or two from these books.

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