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15 Good Kids' Books About Lying

  lying up a storm

Lying Up a Storm

Levi has a reputation for telling tall tales, especially when the truth makes him uncomfortable. Rather than speaking honestly about a difficult subject or event, Levi tells a bunch of lies instead. Concerned about his perpetual lying, his mother explains to him that lying casts a shadow on everything and everyone around him. On the contrary, tell the truth allows the sun to shine through. Told in verse and paired with metaphorical illustrations, this book is a must-read for kids who shy away from honesty from time to time.



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Best Children's Books About  Lying

 The first time a parent catches a child in a lie, it can be somewhat startling. After all, telling the truth is a virtue that most parents work hard to instill in their little ones. Hoping that the one little lie is just a one-off, caregivers often move past the offense quickly. But usually young kiddos will experiment with lying over a period of time, testing it out and learning when they can get away with not being entirely honest.

There are many reasons why a child may be prone to lying frequently, but no matter the reason, it's a good idea to nip this dishonest behavior in the bud. Reading kids' books about lying is an excellent place to start your child down the path of truthfulness, no matter how difficult at times.

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the boy who cried ninja

The Boy Who Cried Ninja

 Sometimes the things kids say are so outrageous that they may just be true. Such is the case with Tim, a little boy who has never been one to lie. Then one day some unbelievable things start happening around the house, but Tim is it only one who is a witness to those events. For instance, a hungry ninja gobbled down the last slice of cake and an astronaut swooped in to take his father's hammer. His parents, refusing to believe poor Tim's stories, assign him chores as punishment for lying. Readers will get a kick out of this clever boy's solution to convincing his parents that he has not fibbed.


 the boy who cried bigfoot

The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot!

Be careful what you lie about- it may just come true! That is the moral of this story that is a creative adaptation of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Told from the vantage point of Bigfoot, a not-so-scary creature lurking in the woods, this story is packed with lots of funny moments and valuable lessons. Ben is a boy who likes to make up stories and pass them off as true events. Everyone is tired of his continuous lies, so of course they do not believe him when he reports seeing Bigfoot. Taking advantage of an opportunity, the beast steals Ben's prized wagon and furry friend. How in the world will Ben convince his friends to help him when they don't believe anything he says? A valuable lesson about telling the truth and how lies can backfire during times of need.


being frank

Being Frank

 Frank is a kid who believes in total honesty, and he sure does walk the walk. This charismatic boy prides himself on the fact that he has never told a lie. Honesty is the best policy, right? Well, not always. For instance, Frank is not afraid to speak up about his teacher's bad breath or his principal's unsightly toupee. As he marches through the day sharing his honest opinion about everyone he encounters, Frank notices that his friends are dropping like flies. Alone and sad, he questions whether he is doing the right thing by being honest all of the time. An often funny and very important book to teach children about the nuances of telling the truth all the time.



dishonest ninja

Dishonest Ninja

 A tough ninja learns an even tougher lesson in this book for preschoolers about lying. At first, it doesn't seem like his little fibs are hurting anyone. So Dishonest Ninja continues telling lies left and right. As the day goes on, it becomes more apparent that people are negatively affected by his dishonesty. And to make matter worse, with each lie, his nose grew a little longer. Sound familiar? A simple, straight forward story for toddlers who need a lesson about honesty.


the berenstain bears and the truth

The Berenstain Bears and the Truth

 You can always count on The Berenstain Bears to cover a life lesson with humor and pragmatism. In this story, brother and sister are playing soccer in the house. This is against the rules, for good reason. When Mama Bear returns home from the store and discovers that her favorite lamp is broken, she turns to Brother and Sister for an explanation. The siblings begin with a small whopper that grows and grows with each embellishment. Mama is disappointed by the fact that the cubs were playing soccer indoors. But she's even more upset but the dishonesty. This entertaining story is loaded with discussion material to cover with your kids will don't always abide by the rules.



 telling the truth a book about lying

Telling the Truth: A Book about Lying

This simple and straightforward book about lying is geared toward the preschool age crowd. A little boy tells a series of lies, usually motivated by avoiding blame for something he did. In very direct and firm terms, his parents reinforce the importance of telling the truth. Religious values are incorporated throughout the story, including passages from the Bible.




 escape goat

Escape Goat

A clever goat manages to outwit the farmer every single night. No matter how high the fence or how tight the lock, this curious creature manages to escape from his pen. While enjoying his few hours of freedom, the goat manages to get into a little mischief, gobble up some tasty treats, and explore the outside world. Pretty soon this farm animal is blamed for all kinds of things that are amiss, even when he is not responsible. Some of the family members may be a little guilty of placing the blame on the goat instead of owning up to their own mistakes. At the end of the story, everyone learns an important lesson about taking accountability.




 ruthie and the not so teeny tiny lie

Ruthie and the (No So) Teeny Tiny Lie

Ruthie is a sweet little fox who works through a common childhood dilemma. She happens to adore teeny, tiny things. One day on the playground, she can't believe her luck. Sitting right out in the open is a miniature toy camera, and it doesn't seem to belong to anyone around. So she surreptitiously scoops it up and claims it as her own. Ruthie even tells her friend and her teacher that the darling camera was a birthday present. But as the day goes on, she has a nagging feeling that grows in her stomach and weighs on her conscience. The camera may be tiny, but the lie sure feels enormous. Will she do the right thing and find the person who lost this precious toy?


the honest to goodness truth

The Honest-to-Goodness Truth

 An excellent, highly-recommended story that expertly navigates the grey area between kindness and truth. Following the guidance of her mother, Libby is honest to a fault. But instead of reaping the benefits of honesty, the girl learns that she has upset those around her. For instance, she comments on the hole in a friend's clothing and tells the teacher about a classmate's missing assignment. She soon realizes that truthfulness is not as simple or straightforward as it sounds, and that sometimes withholding an honest thought is the nicer thing to do.




 arlo and the great big cover up

Arlo and the Great Big Cover-Up

Arlo hates taking naps. So after his mom leaves the room, he sneaks out of his bed to play. But instead of quietly tinkering with his toys, Arlo grabs his art supplies and decorates the walls of his bedroom. When he realizes his big mistake, the regretful little boy does his best to cover his tracks. But when his cover-up fails, he learns an important lesson in telling the truth.  




 edwurd fudwupper fibbed big

Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big

Readers are taken on quite the journey as the follow along a trail of lies told by the biggest fibber around, Edwurd Fudwupper. The slightly naughty boy with a reputation for making up stories gets carried away with his latest fictional tale. All kinds of zany characters enter into the picture creating chaos and disaster as a result of Edwurd's active imagination. Despite the efforts of both the army and the air force, the catastrophe Edwurd created cannot be contained. Fortunately, his little sister, Fannie, saves the day with her creative problem-solving skills. An action-packed, adventure-filled picture book about a liar who meant no harm.




 the empty pot

The Empty Pot

 This classic tale about the benefits of telling the truth is a fantastic choice to read to youngsters. The story takes readers way back in time to China where a little boy named Ping loved to grow flowers. He had a green thumb that magically turned every single seed and bulb he planted into beautiful flowers. The Emperor of China, who also adored flowers, decided it was time to find an heir to the throne. So he sent out word to all the people about a contest. In one year's time, anyone interested in his position must present a flower arrangement. The person with the most lovely of the bunch would take over the reins. Ping, as determined as ever, planted, watered, and tended to his pot of dirt, but for the first time in his life, no flowers grew. The deflated boy hung his head and presented his empty pot to to the Emperor. In a surprising turn of events, Ping is rewarded for his honesty. 




franklin fibs

Franklin Fibs

Franklin finds himself in a bit of a pickle. His buddies have been bragging about some of their incredible feats. And, like lots of kids, this little turtle opens his big mouth to prove that he also has a pretty spectacular talent. Before thinking it through, Franklin blurts out that he can swallow seventy-six whole flies in one second. Blown away by this remark, Franklin's friends insist that he prove it. Will Franklin confess to his fib or actually try to prove he can perform this outlandish trick? Kids will get a kick out of his predicament, especially if they have also fallen victim to one-upmanship themselves. 


tell the truth bb wolf

Tell the Truth, B.B. Wolf

A lengthy picture book, perfect for kids ready to read on their own, is about an infamous wolf who develops a reputation for telling tall tales. One day he is recounting a story to a captive audience, comprised of some well-known fairytale figures, and they call his bluff. B.B. Wolf does not seem to be accurately explaining a situation that involved the three little pigs. With each new twist to the story, B.B. finds himself more entangled in his web of lies. Ultimately, he realizes that the only way out is to come clean and beg for redemption. This funny story may resonate with readers who have active imaginations and get carried away by fibbing from time to time.

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child hiding


Valuable Kids' Books About Lying 

 There are lots of reasons why kids tell lies. Usually it's because they have done something bad and want to avoid being punished. Their natural instinct is to save themselves from dealing with the consequences of their actions, and so they may tell a little fib to see if they can shift the blame to someone else. The most clever kids may even get away with lying at first, which only reinforces this behavior.

But sometimes worrisome pattern of lying can develop that parents need to nip in the bud. Kids need to learn to take accountability for their actions. In doing so, they will mature into individuals who make wise, thoughtful decisions rather than acting in an impulsive and self-serving manner. A good strategy is to begin talking to your kids about the importance of honesty from a very young age. Even if you catch your child telling a very small lie, make sure to address it in the moment. Letting the small infractions slide early on will only create a bigger, more difficult problem to solve later.

Consider adding several children's books about lying to your kiddo's bookshelf and rotate them through your story time. Each of these stories offers a different perspective or situation in which the characters tell fibs. Use these books as opportunities to talk to your kids about the importance of telling the truth. Kids will be much more open to listen to your guidance when they are not dealing with their own, personal dishonesty. And maybe they will think about lessons taught in these books next time they are tempted to fib themselves.

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