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21 Loving Kids' Books About Grandmothers, Grandmas and Abuelas


Grandma Loves Me!

A precious book about grandmothers just right for the toddler and preschool crowd. This book features animals sharing all the ways their grandmothers show love. Charming pictures bring this short and sweet book to life. Perfect for Grandparents Day, baby showers, or first birthday gifts.



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grandmother and granddaughter

Children's Books About Grandmothers and Grandmas 

The role of grandmother in a child's life can never be underestimated. Parents are often busy working, chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, and doing everything possible to keep moving forward. Grandmothers, on the other hand, are in a different, much slower phase of life. Time with their grandchildren is cherished. For this reason, when a grandmother reaches the end of her life, children are left with a gaping hole in their lives. Reading kids' books about death of a grandparent can help a little one understand and process grief from this loss.

Grandmothers open their hearts to their special little ones and rejoice in all of their accomplishments, no matter how small. These children's books about grandmothers, grandmas, and abuelas everywhere capture the love, pride, and joy they have for their grandchildren. Don't forget to read kids' books about grandfathers, too!



Grandma's Purse

 When Grandma Mimi whirls through the door, she brings a treasure trove of goodies buried in her purse. This free-spirited grandma, who generously doles out bear hugs and delicious treats, turns over her handbag where her granddaughter finds sparkling jewelry, tokens from her worldly travels, and maybe even a special gift she can keep.



Dear Juno

 Not all children have the privilege of living close to their grandmothers. This moving picture book is about the long distance relationship between a little boy and his grandmother who lives in Korea. She writes letters in her native language, accompanied by photos, and he communicates with pictures. Through their many exchanges, this boy and his grandmother express their love for one another as well as their desire to visit in person. Winner of the Ezra Jack Keats award, this tender story is a favorite of teachers and parents.




How to Babysit a Grandma

Roles are reversed in this funny children's book all about grandmothers. The story is about a little girl who is assigned the very important task of babysitting her grandmother. The book is full of advice on how to keep grandmothers busy, what to do in the park, and what happens after you tuck her in for the night. Humorous picture book with perhaps a bit of truth and genuinely helpful guidance.




Grandma Loves You!

A sweet book about a grandmother's love for her grandchild. This sturdy board book features a couple of bears who spend the day playing peek-a-boo, hopping on rocks, picking flowers, and enjoying each other's company. This darling book for a grandmother to give to a newborn grandchild has a dedication page all ready to be personalized.



Grandma Loves Me 123

Little ones will enjoy counting all the ways Grandma loves them in this heartwarming book. The rhyming text is fun to read, and the pictures capture the special relationship between a grandma and her grandchild. This padded board book that will stand up to fumbling little hands is a perfect gift for a grandmother to share with a new grandbaby. You won't want to miss the other books from the Tender Moments collection!



Grand Jeté and Me

Written by a former ballerina and illustrated by a best-selling artist, this picture book captures the magical day a little girl spends with her grandmother. The two are off to see The Nutcracker in New York City, which is a special occasion for anyone. But in this story, the grandmother was once a prima ballerina herself who starred in this very production. She shares tips on etiquette and poise with her granddaughter, who aspires to be just like her elegant grandmother one day.


Just Grandma and Me

Little Critter is thrilled to be spending the day at the beach with his very special grandma. Together they bask in the sunshine, dig in the sand, and enjoy each other's company. Mercer Mayer's classic books are a treasure for young readers, and the illustrations, with a little grasshopper on every page, are ever so charming.


Grandma's Gift

This biography of the author's remarkable relationship with his grandmother captures a Christmas holiday the two spent together. They prepare a special Puerto Rican dinner and the head out to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is on this visit that Eric Velasquez discovers his passion for art and decides what he wants to do with his future. His grandmother, upon witnessing his excitement, gives him a paint set for Christmas. A touching book about a grandmother's love for her grandson and how her support helps him fulfill his dreams.


 Thank You, Omu!

Omu means "queen" in the native language of the author, but for her, the name is used endearingly to reference her grandmother. In this Caldecott Honor book, Omu makes a delicious stew that draws in all of the people in her neighborhood. She generously shared her concoction with everyone who knocks on her door, until finally there is not a single drop left for her to enjoy. A richly cultural picture book about a grandmother's generosity and a special community of diverse inhabitants.


Ten Beautiful Things

A little girl, Lily, is moving from the city to live with her grandmother in Iowa. While the reason for the move is unclear, it is quite obvious that Lily is anxious about this transition. When they first begin the journey to the country, Lily sees negativity and ugliness all around her. But with the gentle coaxing of her grandmother, she finds ten beautiful things and the world seems brighter than before.  



This is not your typical book about a grandmother sitting in a rocking chair while knitting a blanket. Supernana is a new kind of superhero who saves the day for her grandchildren time and again. She can turn back time when kids are late for school and come to the rescue when important supplies for a camping trip are left behind. In addition to rescuing her grandchildren from sticky situations, this nana fights evil villains and perhaps even tells a tall tale at bedtime!




What Grandmas Do Best

 This darling book captures all the activities grandmothers enjoy doing with their grandchildren. Painting, dancing, and enjoying a picnic on a beautiful afternoon are just a few of the many ways they love spending time with their little ones. But most of all, grandmothers love to hug, kiss, and snuggle. Flip this fun book upside down to read all about What Grandpas Do Best. 



Winner of numerous awards and accolades, this story is about the special bond between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The two embark on an imaginary journey high above the building in New York City. Abuela gives the little girl a guided tour and points out all of the sites and sounds in the streets below. Written in English with Spanish phrases expertly woven throughout, this book eloquently communicates the love shared between the two.



Grandma's Girl

A beautiful keepsake book celebrating the special relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The poetic storybook is full of wisdom, praise and inspiration. There is even a page in the back to record special memories shared together. This heartwarming story is the perfect gift for birthdays or other special occasions.



I Love You Before You Were Born: A Love Letter from Grandma

A tender book about a grandmother who is anxiously awaiting the arrival her grand baby. It's a loving and lyrical picture book with soft, watercolor illustrations. The grandma anticipates the newborn's sweet smell, little sighs, and tiny toes. But most importantly, she conveys her love for the baby even before they meet. 

Grandma Wishes

This beautifully illustrated, padded board book features a variety of animals on every page, representing grandmothers and grandchildren. Lyrical text describes a wishing star that only grandmothers can see. When looking at this special star, grandmothers wish all the love, tenderness, joy and happiness in the world for their grandchildren.




One, Two, Grandma Loves You

 A short, bouncy book about a little girl and her grandmother who count the days until they can see each other again. They also plan all the fun things they will do together during their next visit. Just the right tempo for preschoolers who will soon be able to recite the book page by page!


Mango, Abuela and Me

An award-winning book that tells the tale of an abuela and the special relationship she shares with her granddaughter. Abuela moves from her sunny, warm home surrounded by palm trees to live with her family in the city. A language barrier prevents them from communicating, until one day the little girl comes up with a brilliant solution. With the help of a parrot, the two are finally able to share all their stories.


Nana in the City

A Caldecott Honor Book captures the energy and spirit of a loving grandmother. She loves living in the city, but her grandson is afraid of all the noise and activity. To help calm his fears, Nana makes him a red superhero cape to help him feel brave. When wearing it, the boy feels excited about the sound and commotion of the city, and is ready to explore with his grandmother. 

Saturdays are for Stella

 George looks forward to spending every single Saturday with his beloved grandmother, Stella. Sometimes they go on adventures to the museum in the city. Other times they stay home and bake goodies together. Most importantly, they enjoy each other's company no matter what they are doing. 


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grandmother and grandson


Best Kids Books about Grandmothers are Special Keepsakes

Grandmothers have a wisdom that comes with the a lifetime of learning. Having already raised their own children, grandmothers can focus on soaking in every precious moment without all the stress and responsibility. They offer a special, unconditional love and support system for their grandchildren, so when their physical or mental health declines, little ones are often sad and confused. Kids' books about Alzheimer's disease and dementia can help grandchildren understand some of these changes.

These children's books about grandmothers capture the special connection they share and all of the important ways they love, support, and encourage their grandchildren. Next time you are looking for a special gift for a grandchild, choose a book that captures the essence of being a grandmother and inscribe it with a note from the bottom of your heart.


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