6 Effective Strategies To Help Kids With Doctor Visits

Some kids are prone to experiencing bouts of anxiety, especially around doctor visits. Saying things like "don't worry about it" simply invalidates their feelings and only exacerbates their sense of uneasiness. Rather, we suggest reading books about the doctor to prepare littles ones for what to expect. Here are some additional tactics to try for  a smooth, stress-free checkup for both child and parent.

Tips For Children Nervous Around Doctors

Bring small toys and treats to the appointment as a form of distraction. A little bribery can go a long way.


pediatrician office


Don't talk about the upcoming appointment.before the day it is scheduled if a child has anxiety. There is no reason to spend time worrying for days or weeks beforehand.


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Be honest about whether or not the child will be getting shots. If you lie, then you end up losing the child's trust. Also, you are indirectly communicating that shots are something to be feared.


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Request for shots to be administered at the beginning of the visit. By doing so, a child can relax for the rest of the examination instead of spending the entire time nervous about the grand finale.


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Educate your children about why annual check-ups are so important. Read them books about what they can expect at a doctor visit. Kids who don't do well with surprises will fair better if they know ahead of time what will and won't happen on the day of the exam. 


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Save the tough questions for the doctor for when your child is out of earshot. If you have concerns about your child's health and wellbeing, try not to have that conversation with your child in the room. Your child will feed off your anxiety and worries. Allow yourself time to process the doctor's guidance before you communicate with your child.


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