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you shamrock my world

You Shamrock My World

A charming little book for toddlers filled with creative puns around St. Patrick's day. Brimming with catchy poems expressing the feelings of love and affection, this darling story book is great to share with your tiny tots. Clovers, fairies, flowers, gnomes and other springtime characters fill the pages spreading joy and good luck all around.



shamrock mug

Read Shamrock Picture Books For St. Patrick's Day

Shamrock is a Gaelic term that means little clover. Not surprisingly, the rolling hills of the Irish countryside are filled with these delicate green plants. As the country's official flower, its meaning is traced back to 400 A.D. when Patrick used three-leaf clovers to explain the Holy Trinity to pagan. This is why shamrocks are the most recognizable symbol associated with St. Patrick's Day. And while fast growing clovers spread abundantly across fields, only the four-leaf variety are considered lucky. Only about 1 in 10,000 of them have four leaves, so when one of these rare finds is come upon, it should be plucked and coveted until luck arrives. Kids' books about shamrocks share delightful stories about leprechauns and others who all experience good fortune after stumbling upon a the rarest of clovers. 


s is for shamrock

S is for Shamrock

Kids are taken on an alphabetical journey through the beautiful country of Ireland. The author offers an in-depth exploration of a variety of physical landmarks, historical events, and traditions that have come to identify this tiny country. From the Blarney Stone to Finn McCool's Giant Causeway, readers will walk away with all sorts of interesting knowledge. And, of course, when they get to the letter S, readers will learn about the role of shamrocks in Irish culture and how they became a prominent symbol of good luck.


 a shamrock for charlie

A Shamrock for Charlie
Poppy gives each of her pups a magic charm that whisks them away on an adventure someplace in the world. In this edition perfect for St. Patrick's day, Charlie the puppy receives a shamrock charm that is affixed to his collar. When he arrives, a family takes in Charlie and introduces him to all of their holiday traditions. The lucky pup also gets a good lesson about what the little clover around his neck actually means.



 green shamrocks

Green Shamrocks

Rabbit has worked hard planting seeds, watering, and caring for the shamrocks he is growing in a giant yellow pot. All of his preparations are just about ready for St. Patrick's Day when suddenly the big planter goes missing. Joined by his forest friends, they piece together clues to find out what happened to the pot of green clovers. Will he find it in time for the holiday? An entertaining picture book with a perfect tie-in to St. Patrick's Day and the spring blossoming season.




the secret of the shamrock

The Secret of the Shamrock

Join Patrick and Francis, his pet frog, as they take a trip back in time to Ireland. One dreary Saturday the two are less than thrilled about spending the day cleaning the church. But when the old bells chime, they find themselves in a strange new place where they learn about the country and the meaning of the shamrock. After the mystique wears off, they seek the help of a shepherd to get them back home again.

baby's first st. patrick's day

Baby's First St. Patrick's Day

During a year of firsts, don't forget to include a book about St. Patrick's day for a very special baby. This sturdy board book introduces tiny tots to a shamrock, a pot of gold, a leprechaun, a rainbow, and an Irish dancing costume. Simple words paired with bold, colorful pictures introduce tiny readers to a favorite holiday.

happy st. patrick's day from the crayons 

Happy St. Patrick's Day from the Crayons

Every crayon has an important role to play by adding vibrant color to the world around them. Usually they carry a balanced load of responsibility. But lately Green has been feeling exhausted to the point he is ready to leave the rainbow. After holding up through a very tiring Christmas season, March brings even more demand for this particular crayon. Not only do leprechauns need green clothing, but shamrocks that sprout for St. Patrick's Day all require green as well. A cute book with some lessons about responsibility to discuss with little readers.




 you're my little lucky charm 

You're My Little Lucky Charm

An adorable book with expressions of love throughout every spread. On each page, a parent shares loving little nuggets with a tiny child. Shamrocks, leprechauns, and other St. Patrick's Day objects have textured features to engage readers in the cute story.



spot's lucky day

Spot's Lucky Day

There is no better friend than Spot to show little ones all the fun things to explore on St. Patrick's Day. Shaped like a shamrock, each page introduces a new item like Irish soda bread, a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and little leprechauns dancing the day away. 


st patrick's day shamrocks

St. Patrick's Day Shamrocks

solid non-fiction book about shamrocks that covers all the basics. Readers learn about how St. Patrick's day came to be, and the symbolism of this leafy green clover as it relates to the holiday. Consider this a nice history lesson to complement the more whimsical, imaginative stories typically read in honor of the Irish celebration.

 peppa loves st patrick's day

Peppa Loves St. Patrick's Day

Peppa and George are headed to Ireland for a St. Patrick's Day festival. Unfortunately, they learn upon arrival that the band has forgotten to bring the instruments. The Irish dancers will not be able to perform without music! Peppa jumps in to save the day by using her lucky shamrock. A glittery green cover decorated with lots of clovers adds a special touch to this novelty Peppa Pig book.



There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover

An Irish rendition of "There Was an Old Lady" is just what you need to read to your kids this St. Patrick's Day. The eccentric woman is back at it again, swallowing a series of objects that are not meant for consumption. She begins with a shamrock, followed by other spring plants and flowers. Funny illustrations add to the preposterous yet immensely popular story. 




lucky tucker

Lucky Tucker

Tucker is one of the most unlucky dogs around. He stumbles from one unfortunate event to the next, leaving him in a state of utter frustration. Then one day everything changes. Quite by happenstance, he rolls around in a bed of four-leaf clovers. After that moment, the pup finds good luck everywhere he turns.  




scooby doo the shamrock scare 

Scooby Doo: The Shamrock Scare

Scooby Doo and the gang have arrived at a St. Patrick's Day party only to discover all the shamrocks are missing. Readers will love following the clues along with the crew as they piece together who is behind this mysterious disappearance. A great easy reader for fans of Scooby. 



shamrock's cursed hoof

Shamrock's Cursed Hoof

Shamrock is a unicorn who attends a university where all of the magic happens. Sometimes things go sideways, and no special spells or tricks will fix the problem. In this case, a cursed hoof is wreaking havoc for Shamrock. She goes to great lengths, even seeking the help from gnomes in a nearby village, to restore her hoof so she can resume her academic duties.




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field of shamrocks 

Read Children's Shamrock Books For Good Luck

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday overflowing with cheerful festivities and jubilant celebrations. On March 17th, people of Ireland gather round to share some fun beverages and sing tunes like Danny Boy and other popular songs. Along with leprechauns chasing pots of gold at the end of rainbows, shamrocks are an equally popular symbol associated with St. Patrick's Day. There are lots of religious ties to these tiny clovers. One particularly interesting account describes poor Irish people pinning clovers to their clothing as a way to dress up their church attire. Soon enough, the color green became associated with the holiday due to their brilliant hue, the preferred clothing color of leprechauns and others who like to celebrate. Children's books about shamrocks cover all the tales of good fortune, historical context, and whimsical fun associated with these itty bitty clovers. Stories about Irish traditions and legends reveal the history and importance of this symbol to the people of the country.


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