down syndrome doll

6 Beautiful Dolls with Down Syndrome Features


down syndrome doll

Doll With Down Syndrome

This beautiful doll is extremely soft and flexible and has a pleasant vanilla scent. Her facial features are exquisite and detailed. She is part of a line of dolls reflecting diversity. There are many other clothes that can be added to her collection. 

Realistic Down Syndrome Dolls 

There are lots of reasons to read books featuring characters with Down Syndrome to your children who are just like them.  For many the same reason, it is also a great idea to provide your child with dolls and figures who also have an extra chromosome Rather than wondering why they don't look like any of their toys, kids will connect with these special dolls through the resemblance they share. Here are some of the most exquisite Down Syndrome dolls that are crafted with attention to every detail and physical feature.


down syndrome doll 

Toddler Doll with Down Syndrome 

Emma is 21 inches tall with extremely realistic features. Crafted from high-quality vinyl with curly black hair. Anatomical details including shorter limbs, ear folds, and a crease across her palms, in addition to flattened facial features.

down syndrome doll
Anatomically Correct Down Syndrome Boy Doll

A wonderfully crafted, high-quality boy doll with Down Syndrome is built to withstand endless hours of pretend play. Realistic facial features and other anatomical details reflect the characteristics of toddlers with an extra chromosome. High quality toy measuring 15 inches can easily be fitted with standard doll clothing. 



down syndrome barbie

Down Syndrome Barbie

Designed in coordination with The National Down Syndrome Society, Down Syndrome Barbie is a beautiful toy for kids to add to their collection. There are many symbols woven throughout her clothing and accessories. The blue and yellow color palette and butterflies on her dress are both part of the awareness campaign. Also, the arrow on her necklace represents the 3rd 21st chromosome. This gorgeous doll has eyes with curvature and proudly wears her color-coordinated braces on her legs.



male doll with down syndrome

Down Syndrome African American Doll

A quality-made boy doll with all the common anatomical features. Part of the Miniland educational doll collection, this toy stands about 15 inches tall and can be easily fit into standard doll clothing and accessories.



blonde baby doll with down syndrome
Blonde Baby Doll With Down Syndrome 

An adorable lifelike doll dressed in floral pink clothing. She is waterproof and comes with a bottle that can be filled with water. Little ones will enjoy feeding the baby and changing her diapers.



girl with down syndrome

world down syndrome day

What Is World Down Syndrome Day?

Trisomy 21, more commonly referred to as Down Syndrome, is a chromosomal arrangement that is present in about 1 in 800 births. It's a naturally occurring phenomenon that has always been present in humans, and does not discriminate across lines of race, gender or socioeconomic status. People affected by this extra chromosome experience a varying range of developmental abilities, physical characteristics, and health related issues.

Effective December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly declared March 21 to be World Down Syndrome Day. The chosen date is symbolic for a couple of reasons. First, the third month of the year (March) represents the triplication (trisomy) of the affected chromosome. Seond, the selected day refers to the 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome.

The purpose of World Down Syndrome Day is to educate the general population about this chromosomal abnormality and what it does and does not mean. The end goal is to foster full, complete, and effective inclusion in society of all people who have Down Syndrome. 

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