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32 Fantastic LGBQ Children's Books About Same Sex Parents

mommy mama and me

Mommy, Mama, and Me

An endearing book for toddlers about a child who happily enjoys time with both mommy and mama. The rhythmic book with short, simple text and smiling faces appeals to young readers. There is no discussion or particular attention drawn to the fact that there are two mothers. It's just about a loving family going about their day.

gay family  

Best Children's Books about Gay Parents

Unconditional love and support is fundamental in raising a child to be a successful, independent, happy adult, regardless of the parents' gender. Traditional households with a mom and dad are most commonly portrayed in children's books. Fortunately, we've been able to find a great selection of children's books about gay parents. It is so important to open the minds of young kids by reading about families with two dads or two moms. For children with gay parents, it's especially necessary to read picture books about LGBQ families. By doing so, they will learn how the children in the stories respond to questions from their friends and other situations that arise. Consider expanding a child's library to include the books about rainbows. You will open a conversation about how nature's beautiful work of art has come to symbolize love and inclusivity of the gay community.


gay dads


Why Read Kids Stories about Same Sex Parents

Reading picture books to our children is an opportunity to instill values that are important to us from the time they are tiny toddlers. Gay parents are not often reflected in children's books, which is a missed opportunity to talk about diversity and inclusivity. Consider reading books about gender identity and fluidity to open up a conversation with children who are perhaps struggling along their own personal journey.

Unless raised in an LGBQ household, young children lack awareness that not all families have a mom and a dad.  The best kids books about gay parents  have a universal theme that defines parenthood- love for a child. And this love is the same for all kinds of parents- a mom and dad, two moms, two dads, and single parents, too. 


gay moms

Children's Books about Two Mom Families

Here is a collection of the best books for kids about families with two moms. Some of these titles are just stories about ordinary families living their best lives, without any particular emphasis on the fact that there are two mothers. Other books address the topic of gay moms in a very straightforward manner and help children navigate the questions and possible stigma they may encounter as an LGBQ family. It's often difficult for young children to express their feelings around having a family that is different from their friends' families. These picture books about two-mom families will open up the conversation.

heather has two mommies

Heather Has Two Mommies

A cheery book about a little girl who learns about diversity. She heads to her first day of school with her two loving mothers. The children are asked to draw a picture of their families. While Heather's artwork doesn't include a father, she comes to realize that many other families are special and unique in their own way as well.


my two moms and me

My Two Moms and Me

An LGBQ inclusive board book for toddlers featuring two-mom families on every page. They engage in fun activities like eating breakfast together, going on playdates, and swimming at the local pool. Children with two mothers will enjoy reading all about families that reflect their own.




in our mothers' house

In Our Mothers' House

Patricia Polacco's depiction of a loving family digs deep into their lives and how their strength helps them deal with neighbors who are less than accepting. Two caucasion moms adopt three children of different ethnicities. Together, they create wonderful memories building a tree house, making Halloween costumes, organizing tea parties, and living life to its fullest. Highly recommended by teachers, this LGBQ picture book is a lengthy, engaging read for kids who six years of age and up.




donovan's big day

Donovan's Big Day

Donovan has a big job as the ring-bearer for the wedding of two very special people- his moms! All the excitement that occurs on a wedding day is captured on each page leading up to the very last page, where Donovan celebrates the union of his two mothers. An upbeat story of love and marriage equality.




zak's safari

Zak's Safari: A Story about Donor-Conceived Kids of Two-Mom Families

For inquiring little minds, this LGBQ picture book adeptly covers the topic of conception in a way that is easy to understand. Zak takes readers on a journey back to when his parents fell in love and decided to start a family. He gives readers a lesson on his own conception including sperm donors and eggs. Zak celebrates the amazing genes he inherited and gives us a peak at his own happy, fun-filled life with two moms.



plenty of hugs

Plenty of Hugs

A loving urban family enjoys a busy day riding bikes, shopping at a farmer's market and visiting the zoo. When evening comes, the two moms give their little boy a bath, enjoy quiet storytime, and tuck him gently into bed. An appealing, rhythmic story that does not draw particular attention to non-traditional family, but focuses on the love they share for each other.




a tale of two mommies

A Tale of Two Mommies

Kids with two mothers will face inquiries from their curious friends. This short, sunny story takes place on the beach. A little boy meets some new buddies on the beach who want to know what life is like at home with two mommies. Readers will learn that he lives in a loving home, much like their own. A solid book to help prepare your child respond to all the questions that will come their way.




i have two moms

I Have Two Moms

An incredibly helpful book for young children questioning their unique parenting situation. A little boy wants to know why he doesn't have a mom and a dad like everyone else. The explanation his moms offer is a sincerely heartfelt message that brings him comfort. A beautifully illustrated picture book for children about gay parents that may just bring you to tears.



mom and mum are getting married Mom and Mum are Getting Married!

It's a day to celebrate! Rosie and Jack are ecstatic about the upcoming nuptials between their two mothers. All of the typical wedding-prep frenzy and mishaps keep the children on their toes and scrambling to save the day. A big group of friends and family join together in honor of two loving moms who finally tie the knot.




my footprints

My Footprints

A stunningly beautiful story about a little girl who sets off on a journey toward acceptance and love. Upon reeling from the harsh words of bullies, a Vietnamese American girl with two moms heads out into the forest in search of inner peace. She connects with the forest creatures and eventually finds a path back home into the loving embrace of her mothers.




felicia's favorite story

Felicia's Favorite Story

When it's time for bed, a young girl is loving tucked in by her two moms. Instead of reading a book, the mothers tell her the true story of her adoption journey all the way from Guatamala to her home in the United States. A sweet rendering perfect for children who experience transnational adoption.

gay dads


Kids' Books about Two Dad Families

Two dads is double the fun in each of these picture books that feature loving, nurturing families. Kids who grow up with gay fathers will enjoy reading these books that reflect parents like their own. Some of these children's books are simply stories about everyday life, with no particular point to make about the two-dad household. Other books are intended to help kids navigate life in a non-traditional home, especially when it comes to answering questions from their friends.


my two dads and me

My Two Dads and Me

Children with same-sex parents need to read books just like this one. Very active gay dads and their children go about their busy days eating breakfast together, enjoying time at the park, and settling into a bedtime routine. A short, simple book for toddlers that celebrates LGBQ inclusivity and embraces the diverse nature of family.




a tale of two daddies

A Tale of Two Daddies

Little kids are perceptive about the way a variety of household tasks are divided. When some kids on they playground learn that their friend has two dads, they are curious about how things get done. And they are not shy about asking. The girls answers all of their questions very matter-of-factly, with all the confidence of a child who is loved unconditionally by two parents.




daddy and dada

Daddy & Dada

Cartoonish pictures enhance the sweet simplicity of this book for toddlers about having two dads. Love, family, and acceptance are the main themes of this short, rhythmic story. Happy, smiling faces will appeal to young readers who will enjoy learning about how diverse families all love each other just the same.



daddy papa and me

Daddy, Papa and Me

A toddler boy engages in all kinds of fun play with his two doting daddies. They play hide-and- seek, dress-up, and finally settle in for bath time and snuggles after a long day. Bouncy rhyming texts and smiling faces add to the charm of this book for toddlers about gay dads.




my two dads

My Two Dads

 An appealing story about a little girl, named Jazz, who invites her friend Lenny to her home. He is surprised to find she has two dads, and doesn't hide his curiosity about her parents. Jazz explains that her Papi and Dad each have their own specialties around the house (one is better at cooking dinner, the other at braiding hair). But both parents love and nurture their daughter in this endearing picture book about two dads.




stella brings the family

Stella Brings the Family

What is a little girl, with two daddies, to do when it's time to celebrate Mother's Day at school? Everyone else has a mommy to bring to the party, except for Stella. She never faced a dilemma like this before. After all, she has two wonderful parents who make her dinner, help her with homework, and tuck her into bed at night. But it doesn't seem fair that she should be left out of this big event, so she finds just the right solution! An inspiring story for kids with families who don't fit into the box.




adventures with my daddies

Adventures with My Daddies

Such a fun, imaginative story about a little girl who loves nothing more than reading books with her two fathers. And it's no wonder. As they flip the pages, the stories they read come to life as they ride hot air balloons, battle dragons, and zip off to the moon. An upbeat, adventurous book featuring diverse characters.




and tango makes three

And Tango Makes Three

A true story about two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo who desire to have a child of their own. With the assistance of a kind zookeeper, their dream comes true. An inspiring story about the importance of family and acceptance. 




gal and noa's daddies

Gal and Noa's Daddies

Two girls are born through surrogacy and welcomed into the loving arms of their gay fathers. This valuable picture book delivers a straightforward account of the process their two dads followed to bring them into their family. After reading this story, your child will be encouraged to ask questions and talk about their own special journey into this world.




home at last

Home at Last

An adoption story about a little boy patiently waiting for his forever home. When Lester finally meets Daddy Albert and Daddy Rich, he is excited to start his new life at home with them. He has his own bedroom for the first time in his life, but Lester can't make it through the night without crawling into his parents' bed. With a healthy dose of patience and a whole lotta love, the daddies finally help Lester feel warm and safe in his own bed.



king and king and family

King & King & Family

Mixed media illustrations add a fun flair to an already imaginative story about a pair of gay kings. King Lee and King Bertie, who are happily married, head out for an adventure in the jungle. Much to their surprise, a special someone sneaks into their suitcase and accompanies them on their journey back to their kingdom. Little readers will love the surprise ending when a family comes together in a most unconventional way.



harriet gets carried away

Harriet Gets Carried Away

A simply adorable book about a little girl with a big imagination, who just happens to have two dads. Harriet loves nothing more than dressing up in her large collection of costumes. When it is time for her birthday party, she chooses her favorite of them all- a penguin. But something crazy happens when Harriet is picking up some last minute party supplies. She runs into some realpenguins and runs off with the flock. Will she make it back home in time for her party? Kids will love this clever book about a little girl who is lucky enough to have two dads.



gay dads


Children's Books about LGBQ Families

Children who grow up in LGBQ families can benefit by reading picture books that reflect families similar to their own.  Traditional families with a mom and dad typically fill the pages of children's books. But it's vitally important for kids who are raised by gay parents to see a more diverse reflection of family in the books they read. Teaching our children to be unique and proud of their individual differences is a valuable lesson. But, truth be told, kids often feel a sense of security when they experience similarities with others, starting at home. Reading books that feature gay parents is a good place to begin.


abc a family alphabet book

ABC: A Family Alphabet Book

Not every children's LGBQ book needs to address the topic of family life. In this sweet bedtime story, kids are tucked into bed by a diverse representation of parents. Same-sex parents, disabled parents, and multi-racial parents are all included in this ABC book that broadens the definition of family.



love makes a family

Love Makes a Family

A cheery book about what really is a family- love. Every family type is represented across the pages of this whimsical LGBQ inclusive picture book for children. One mom, two moms, one dad, two dads, a mom and a dad- all enjoying their precious family time together. Simple, rhythmic story with a powerful message and engaging illustrations just right for the preschool group.



the family book

The Family Book

Bold silly pictures fill the pages of this inclusive book showcasing all kinds of different families. Messy and neat, big and small. Two dads, two moms, a mom and a dad. All types are represented in a fun and loving way. This accessible book is a great way to start a conversation with a child about your own family.



my friends and me

My Friends and Me: A Celebration of Different Kinds of Families

The charming illustrations in this colorful picture book draw in young readers. But the important message is what makes this book a real winner.  All families share one thing in common- a love for each other! So whether a child has a mom and a dad, two dads, or two moms, what makes them family is how they care for one another. A wide variety of family structures are celebrated in this joyful story.



gay family


Tweens Novels Featuring Gay Parents

Tweens of gay parents often have a family life that is remarkably similar to households with heterosexual parents. They face the same challenges balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social lives. Their parents are loving, supportive and nurturing. Yet despite the growing acceptance of gay parents and the expansion of equality for these unions, their tween children will still find themselves in the minority. Here are some good books about families with gay moms and dads that will help your tween navigate life in a non-traditional home.

the misadventures of the family fletcher

The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher

A wildly entertaining story that even reluctant readers will have a hard time putting down. It's the beginning of the school year, and the four Fletcher boys  head off in very different, sometimes disastrous, directions. Each boy, unique in his interests and passions, learns an important lesson as he navigates class projects, music lessons, and more. The fact that the parents happen to be two dads is not a focal point of the story, but simply interwoven naturally throughout this hysterical middle-grade novel.



between mom and jo

Between Mom and Jo

A realistic coming-of-age account of a teenager who is in the middle of a crumbling partnership between his two mothers. Nicholas has learned to cope with unfriendly stares, relentless teasing, and all the other challenges that kids with gay parents face. The resilience and love of his two mothers has always been enough for him to face any situation. But when they split up and he is left with only his birth mother, Nicholas must turn inward to find the strength to deal with his obstacles.




love penelope

Love, Penelope

Penelope writes a series of journal entries expressing all her worries, thoughts, and questions. She begins this project when she learns that her two moms are getting ready to welcome a new baby into their family. She conveys her inner-most thoughts about not only the addition of a sibling, but also all the other things happening around her. An insightful book for tweens about life with gay mothers and the world in which they live. 


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gay pride heart


LGBQ Children's Books Open Hearts and Minds

It's pretty important to teach children about diversity by seeking out picture books that represent the real world. If young kids always see the same type of family, typically with a mom and a dad, their view of the world may be skewed. We live in a diverse and dynamic culture where the definition of family continues to evolve. Reading picture books that reflect all the different, loving parents is an opportunity to open your child's mind and heart. For children of gay parents, it's even more important to read book about families that look like their own.


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