7 Cute Sloth Plush Toys and Gifts

Adorable sloth baby books are really cute gifts, especially when paired with another themed toy, blanket, or stuffed animal. A super idea is to create a themed gift centered around this endearing mammal. Pull together a pile of stories, add a stuffed sloth, and toss in a cute onesie with a picture of this creature swinging from a tree. Here are some favorite sloth plush animals and gifts for kids of all ages. 


Plush Sloth Toys and Gifts for Kids

There is something inherently interesting and appealing about sloths. Perhaps it is their smiling faces, a sign of a leisurely life spent swinging from trees and taking lots of naps. Authors of children's books about sloths take great liberty at both embracing and poking fun at these adorable animals through hilarious stories of adventure interrupted by lengthy periods of sleep. Choose a favorite story filled with tons of facts about sloths and pair it with an super soft plush toy for a cute gift idea!


National Geographic Sloth Plush

National Geographic Sloth Plush

Measuring about 12 inches from toe to toe, this realistic looking sloth plush is soft, flexible and well-constructed. This stuffed sloth is built to withstand hours of snuggle time and brings an authentic touch to a jungle-themed bedroom.



Plush Sloth

FAO Schwarz Warm Paws Plush Sloth

Meet your perfect nap time pal! This super soft sloth can be heated up in the microwave for a warm, comfy snuggle. A lavender scent also helps to calm, soothe, and settle little ones down for a long, deep sleep.



sloth teether

Sloth Teether Ring and Rattle

Looking for a fun baby shower gift? This Taggies sensory rattle is just the inspiration you need to pull your gift together. An all-in-one teether, rattle, plush and ribbon toy will keep baby stimulated for long car rides and in the stroller. Add some other sloth-themed gifts, like books, blankets, and plush animals for your favorite new baby.


sloth blanket

Soft Sloth Throw Blanket

An amazingly soft 50" x 60" light pink and grey blanket covered with adorable sloths. Grab some children's books about sloths and snuggle up under this cozy blanket for quality reading time with your little one.

oversized sloth plush

Oversized Sloth Stuffed Animal

Measuring about 30 inches tall, this large sloth plush stands out among regular stuffed animals. Little kids will love snuggling, napping, and hugging this big, furry animal.


giant stuffed sloth

Large Sloth Stuffed Plush Animal

This is one of the plumpest, fluffiest sloths around. This stuffed animal, measuring about 20 inches long, is ready to provide your child with lots of comfort and TLC! Grab some books about sloths and cuddle up with this soft plush toy for some sweet reading time.


hanging plush sloth

Hanging Sloth Plush Toy

This floppy-limbed plush sloth is soft and snuggly. With velcro on its hands and feet, this buddy can be easily hung from all kinds of interesting places around the house. And when it's time to read some children's books about sloths, this companion will be ready to cuddle up and listen.

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