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Fancy Nancy: A Fun Book for Girly Girls

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Frilly Little Girls Love Fancy Nancy

There are a multitude of wonderful children’s books, but only every so often does a book enjoy such wildly popular success that it leads to toy lines and sequels galore. Fancy Nancy is one of those books. It deserves a place on the bookshelf of every little girl who appreciates the frilly things in life.


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So what is it about Fancy Nancy that appeals to so many girls? Robin Preiss Glasser’s illustrations, first and foremost, capture the whimsical imagination of a girl with a grand collection of tutus and tiaras. And the colorful accessories- flowing boas, frou-frou hats, golden bangles and snazzy shoes- are aplenty in the pictures that invite little girls to dress up and join Fancy Nancy in her quest for everything extravagant.


fancy nancy girly girl 


The story itself, written by Jane O’Connor, is equally adorable down to the fancy font. Fancy Nancy appreciates the finer way saying her favorite color (fuchsia is the new purple), and understands that presentation is everything by serving sandwiches with frilly toothpicks.


fancy little girl


Fancy Nancy also has a talent for turning everyday occurrences into chichi events, and she decides that her family needs to follow suit. After giving them a lesson on elegance and providing wardrobe consultation akin to a Hollywood stylist, Fancy Nancy and her family head out to The Kings Crown (a local pizza joint) with unparalleled pretense. Nancy is pleased with their performance, from calling one another “darling” and ordering “parfaits.”


frilly little girl 


Then the unthinkable happens. Tripping on her fanciness, Nancy suffers an embarrassing fall and her glamorous evening is ruined. She returns home with her family and to their unadorned ways, comforted by the love and warmth all the frills in the world cannot provide. 


fancy girl in dress


The original Fancy Nancy has been such a hit with little girls that lots of other Nancy books for ALL ages have been published. 


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