Step 1: You Select the Best Books for Your Child
There are two ways you can choose the books for your gift
Shop Suggested Gifts
Let us know the age and gender of the child. Then choose a book collection curated just for you! You can modify any collection by swapping out books.
Build Your Own
Here you can truly customize a gift of books based on a child's reading interests. Choose books from as many categories as you wish. Pick the ones your child would most enjoy!
Step 2: Decide When You Want the Books Sent
Sometimes it really matters when a specific book is mailed to your child. Think birthdays, holidays, graduation, and other memorable events!
After you have picked all your books, you can move them around so that each one is sent during the month of your choice.
Step 3: Personalize Each Book With a Message
This is where it gets really personal! Share your words of wisdom every single month. We will print your notes on stickers for inside each book.
At a loss for what to write? We are here to help with a great selection of inspirational quotes. Just click the ones you like and add your signature!
Step 4: Pick Your Lollipops
Reading has never beem sweeter! Pair the right type of lollipop with you gift of books.
We have little lollipops, big lollipops, allergy-free lollipops and wash cloth lollipops. There is an option for everyone.
You can also add extra lollipops to any gift. This is a great idea when siblings are sharing a book.
Delivery Schedule
For orders placed on or before the 15th of the month, devlivery will start in the current month. For orders placed after the 15th of the month, delivery will start the following month.
Books will be shipped about the same time each month.
You may order now and delay shipment for sometime in the future.
Gift Presentation
Kids LOVE getting presents in the mail! A bright package addressed to the child will bring big smiles every single month.
A card will welcome the child to The Lollipop Book Club and explain the length of the gift.