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The imagination of a child is a wondrous gift that is open to endless possibilities. From the comfort of home, little ones can be easily whisked away to magical places where vast kingdoms are sprawled across the countryside. Fire-breathing dragons stomp through the grounds threatening to burn down the castles.

Knights stand guard around the entire property, protecting the king, queen, and of course, the beautiful, soulful princess who is patiently awaiting the arrival of her prince charming. For little girls who play out these scenes over and over again, a princess book club is the gift that will continue to nurture their imaginary fun.

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Lots of little girls go through a princess phase that involves dressing up in fancy gowns, affixing glittery tiaras in their hair, and maybe even waving a magic wand through the air. Disney books and movies have introduced no shortage of princesses with a variety of personal stories to tell. These lovely girls are sometimes frustrated by being confined to the expectations their title carries.

Some  princesses feel the burden of carrying on a tradition and lifestyle that is not in line with their dreams. Other royal ladies are fierce leaders by nature who fight the assumption that they are weak, docile beings who need protection.




Positive Messages in Princess Picture Books

Kids' books about princesses may share a common theme in the main protagonist. But the stories and characters themselves are often very different once readers look beyond the clothing and accessories. Some of the best books feature little girls who are pretending to be princesses for the day and learn some life lessons along the way.

Many popular stories are about characters in a reversal of roles, where the princesses fight the dragons and save the kingdom. Classic princess books where the lady in distress is rescued by the prince are just as entertaining and valuable to read as well. Each of these titles offers are different point of view and can open a conversation with little ones about the moral of the story.





Build a Diverse Bookshelf of Princess Stories

Princesses can be positive role models for young children through their stories of personal struggles and overcoming obstacles. The best stories reveal strong, independent characters hidden behind beautiful, delicate dresses. It's also perfectly fun to include books about petulant, helpless versions who lean on strong, handsome princes for happiness and survival. Here are some amazing books featuring princesses of all types and personalities. Flowing gowns, magic wands, and beautiful locks are where their similarities begin and end. The stories they have to tell are original and unique just like all the little princesses who read them. 


the very fairy princess

The Very Fairy Princess

A darling little girl believes in fairy princesses despite the doubts her friends and family cast upon her. She faithfully dresses in her princess costume and flutters about trying to help out others in need. A reaffirming story by Julie Andrews about staying true to one's beliefs despite what other say.

The Princess in Black

The first installment in a best-selling princess book series about a superhero with an alter ego. Princess Magnolia is a beautiful, fragile girl who enjoys dainty snacks with the other royalty. When monsters threaten the kingdom, Magnolia slips away and returns as the Princess in Black. Carefully eluding the prying eyes of the duchess and others, the toughest princess around battles the enemy and protects her people. 

Princess Penelope's Parrot

Princess Penelope learns an important lesson about manner when her uncooperative pet parrot exacts revenge. Penelope is quite spoiled and bratty little princess. She throws a fit when her parrot refuses to talk, and she tosses quite a few unkind words toward her feathered friend. When a prince comes calling, the parrot finds his voice and Princess Penelope soon regrets all of the nasty words she spat at her pet.

The Paper Bag Princess

A classic princess book by Robert Munsch is about a princess who questions whether her prince is worth the effort it takes to save him. The most ferocious dragon around attacks the castle and kidnaps the prince. Using nothing but a flimsy paper bag and her impressive wit, Princess Percival defeats the attacker and is left to ponder whether the wimpy prince is deserving of her.

Princess Baby

A charming princess baby book about a cherub who is weary of being called a variety of nicknames. No one can seem to remember her name. She is not a gumdrop, a lamb, a cupcake, or a goose. Toddlers will get a giggle out of learning her "real" name- Princess Baby, of course!

Falling for Rapunzel

A handsome prince spots a beautiful Rapunzel high in a tower and immediately knows that she is the woman of his dreams. His plans to rescue her in the traditional  manor are foiled through a series of miscommunications. Plenty of laugh out loud moments that ultimately lead to a happy ending in this funny fractured fairytale.


Olivia and the Fairy Princesses

Feisty Olivia is fed up with the all the fairy princesses fluttering about. Every single one of them looks exactly alike which makes it hard for Olivia to stand out among them. She, too, is a fairy princess who is on a quest to find her own identity and stand out as a unique individual.


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