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11 Children's Books About Mighty Female Leaders


Along Came Coco: A Story About Coco Chanel

Here is a story that all little girls need to read! The name Coco Chanel may be associated with luxury, but the woman behind the name came from a humble start. Raised in a French orphanage, Coco tossed aside all expectations and did things her own way. Brushing her hair 100 times a day seemed was simply ridiculous, so she cut her locks and focused her attention on more important things. Coco blended her creativity with practicality (like sewing pockets on women's clothing), and emerged as a leading fashionista with a sharp business mind.



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Children's Books About Mighty Female Leaders

Women make this world a better place through leadership, activism, invention, and discovery. We have gathered some of the best picture books about mighty female leaders that tell stories of bravery and determination, oftentimes in the face of overwhelming obstacles. These remarkable women have made their mark in politics, science, medicine, fashion, and numerous other areas. There is no shortage of stories to share that will inspire your little ones to forge their own distinctive path and accomplish seemingly impossible goals one day.



Ada Twist, Scientist

 Like many others who have come before her, Ada Twist has a curious mind that gets her in trouble at times. She is an inquisitive girl who constantly embarks on fact-finding missions. In her thirst for knowledge, Ada conducts many scientific experiments that go awry. While this is part of the learning process, her parents and others around are not thrilled with the mess she creates in her wake. A fantastic book, told in rhyme, that delivers an important message about never giving up.


She Spoke: 14 Women Who Raised Their Voices and Changed the World

Inspire your children to use their own words when they have something important to say. In a tribute to fourteen influential women, the author brings their personalities to life with sound buttons. The profiles of Tammy Duckworth, Malala Yousafzai, Dolores Huerta, Dr. Maya Angelou, Dr. Jane Goodall, Shirley Chisholm, Leymah Gbowee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Dr. Temple Grandin, Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Dr. Joanne Liu, Susan Shown Harjo, Abby Wambach, and Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune are all presented across bold pages. Readers will enjoy pushing the buttons to hear the actual voices of each of these women.




The Most Magnificent Thing

Inventing something new sounds like a fun idea but, as one little girl learns the hard way, it takes quite a bit of perseverance. The protagonist tries, fails, tries again, and fails again. As this cycle continues, she is ready to throw in the towel. Fortunately, her dog takes her on a walk which gives her a much-needed break and breath of fresh air. When she returns with a clear head, the smart girl finally succeeds in bringing her invention to life. An important book for all girls (and boys) about the importance of never giving up.


Grace for President

Learning about the American electoral process has never been more interesting for young readers. In this inspiring story, Grace discovers that there has never been a female president of the USA. She is determined to be the first to hold this office, so she starts her journey by participating in her school's mock election. When her opponent declares that he is the "best man for the job", she realizes she has a point to prove and does so with confidence and conviction.


Herstory: 50 Women and Girls Who Changed the World

An empowering picture book about 50 women who, against all odds, made an enormous and lasting impact. The stories of activists, astronauts, musicians, mathematicians, scientists and other brilliant women are brought to life through magnificent spreads. All of the many obstacles faced by these women only served to fuel their determination. A wonderful book to give for children facing their own challenges or preparing for new milestones.


Brave Girl: Clara and the Shirtwaist Makers' Strike of 1909

The true story of Ukrainian immigrant Clara Lemlich is brought to life in this picture book about the largest strike of female workers in American history. When young Clara arrived in the US, she was forced to work in a factory during the day to help support her family. At night, she spent long hours in class learning English. As time passed, she witnessed the ongoing mistreatment of female factory workers. Not willing to accept theses conditions any longer, Clara led an organized walkout in protest of long hours and low wages. A powerful book about the importance of unity and standing up for what is right.




Rosie Revere, Engineer

 An instant New York Times bestseller, Rosie Revere, Engineer delivers an uplifting message to children who are afraid of failure. The little protagonist sees potential in every piece of junk and spends hours making contraptions out of trash. She lacks the confidence to share her inventions with others, especially those that don't function as intended. When a great great aunt flies in for a visit, she provides just the encouragement Rosie needs to chase her dreams. Most importantly, this wise aunt teaches Rosie that the real failure lies in quitting. Rhyming, upbeat, and inspirational message about grit, determination, and ignoring the naysayers.



Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

A wonderful introduction to forty of the most influential black female leaders, poets, activists, artists, pilots and more. Each page features a cherubic, arististic rendering of the woman along with several paragraphs explaining her contributions.  This non-fiction picture book that is highly accessible to even the youngest of readers, and the stories told are important, interesting, and riveting.


Dancing Through Fields of Color: The Story of Helen Frankenthaler

In the 1950s, the art world was not very welcoming of female painters. Like many other industries, men dominated the field and women were not respected artists. Then Helen Frankenthaler entered the scene with a technique called "Color Field", an abstract art form using her soak stain approach. Unconventional art tools, like squeegees and mops, were used to move paint around the canvas. Helen's creations were unlike anything seen before and continue to inspire modern-day artists.



Rad Girls Can

This biographical picture book will resonate with tween readers eager to learn about less well-known heroines. These real-life stories are about women who have excelled in male-dominated sports, like boxing and skateboarding. They feature a young girl who developed an impressive anti-bullying phone app, a Syrian refugee who became an Olympic swimmer, and many more remarkable people. The females featured in this book are less famous, but no less important, than other well-known trailblazers.


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Kids' Books About Female Leaders 

Remarkable women around the world have been making their mark for decades. They are brilliant, brave, determined individuals who have fought for human rights, invented life-changing technologies, made significant contributions to the arts, discovered new medical treatments, and paved the road for all those that follow. Young readers will feel inspired by their stories and appreciate the overwhelming obstacles that were overcome. Encourage your kids to talk about these stories and identify all the ways life is better today because of these incredible women. Kids' books about female leaders will inspire your own little girl bosses to follow their dreams.



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